Oh, so pretty! I love this and Janice and Janette, but not Janet.
Stars123  3/18/2021
Beautiful name and much better than Janet!
Crystal_Fox  3/6/2021
When I was younger I used to really hate my name, then I met a girl whose name was spelled J-a- n-e-l and I was like that's how my name should have been spelled. She's a wonderful person and she made me like the name but in H.S. after we lost contact my friends called me Nelly and I liked it more than Janelle. Even though I have yet to meet another Janelle in person I do hate it less now that I'm older. Some guys admitted to wanting to date me because of my name. Lol I'm Puerto Rican and a lot of people thought I was black by name association which by DNA all Ricans are. Then one day I met a lady from Haiti and she told me the name Janelle is very popular there and guys are named Jonelle I thought that was interesting. Funny though my mom saw the name when looking through movie credits and that's how I was named Janelle.
Daartistnelley  1/11/2021
I've always admired the cadence of this name.
noisynora  12/20/2020
This is my name and I love it so much.
Love the names  10/9/2020
Janelle Pierzina is an American model, actress, and realtor who placed third in Big Brother 6 and also played in Big Brother 14 as well as two all-star editions.  9/7/2020
Looks like a pseudo-French name. I prefer Jane and Jeanette anyways.
someone-  5/24/2020
I used to hate my name, now I appreciate how feminine, young, and uncommon my name is. I've had many people say they think of a beautiful woman when they hear the name.
― Anonymous User  5/11/2020
saturnbrat  4/28/2020
Janelle Kroll is an American singer.
liyahaa  3/7/2020
This is my name and I love it!
Jannyyyyyyyyy7777777  1/17/2020
This is my name (different spelling variation) and I love it! My nicknames are JJ or Nellie. Literally 90% of people go "wow, beautiful!" when I introduce myself. People react to it affectionately and project more feminine and youthful qualities onto me. The other Janelle's I know are also Black and always seem to be around my age! (Born 1990)
― Anonymous User  12/4/2019
Janelle Monae is a singer who was born in 1985.
wh0sbad  7/4/2019
A famous bearer of this name is Janelle Benson from the soap opera General Hospital. She goes by Nelle and is played by Chloe Lanier.
― Anonymous User  5/7/2019
My mom gave me a variant of this name, JoNell. A lot of people mistake it for the more popular Janelle. I hated my name growing up because other kids picked on me a lot, calling me "toenail". But now that I'm older, I don't have that problem and people compliment the name a lot.
― Anonymous User  2/24/2017
Our daughter's name is Janelle, we have always loved this name. Janelle was born January 1, and her Grandmother's name was Nellie. What better name, Jan for January and Nelle for my mother in law. Needless to say she loves her name, and yes she loves the nickname Nellie. Also loves her birthday on NEW YEARS DAY. I guess we knew what we were doing.
Loving mama  12/19/2016
I am a 64-year old man in love with a woman named Janell. It's a beautiful name for a wonderful nurse to my elderly father. That's how I met Janell. Besides being beautiful, she is smart, funny, and very caring. Maybe I can persuade one of my daughters to name her next baby girl Janell.
mojo123  8/2/2016
This is my name. I hated it a lot growing up but now I feel pretty neutral about it, especially in light of the hideous cutesy names emerging in recent decades. I'm encountering more people named Janelle, but also realizing there are so many different spellings that differ between J vs. G and the appropriate number of Ns, Ls, and Es to include.
jkdean  1/30/2016
This name has grown on me! It's cool and different and I think it's an awesome name! :) x Makes me think of the amazing singer Janelle Monáe. :D.
― Anonymous User  6/29/2015
Name Janelle is also largely used in Kazakhstan. The Meaning of this name is "Soul of a people". Jan(kaz"Жан")- soul; elle(kaz"ел")- people/nation.
Janelya  11/30/2014
I'm not a fan of this name. Don't like the way it sounds and looks. I prefer the names Janie and Jane.
― Anonymous User  8/19/2014
A little harsh sounding.
AppleM32  1/13/2014
There is someone on 16&Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 with this name, Janelle Evans, and she is a terrible mother, she has ruined this name for me.
― Anonymous User  1/15/2011
My sister's name, but it is spelt "Janell", nicknames Nelly & Nell, name isn't that common, I only met 3 persons named Janell, including my sister.
ajdsoto  12/27/2010
Janelle Monae is a singer. Think Gnarls Barkely and Prince type stuff, but with lyrics about androids and really crazy-awesome female vocals. She always wears a tuxedo.
Lornak  6/21/2010
I have really liked this name for forever. I know as a young girl it was the name I'd given to one of my dolls. :) I've had three friends with this name - all of which are wonderful, sweet and genuine people! They each spelled it differently though. (Janel, Jeanelle, Janelle. One of them I called Nellie which she really liked. I think it's a cute nickname - who cares about the Loch Ness monster anyways! There was a character on Little House on the Prairie named Nellie.
mom2zeke  6/8/2009
Janelle is my aunt's name, and I used to call her 'Nellie'. But then I stopped when I realized what the Loch Ness Monster was called.
pink__tofu  5/16/2009
My name is Janelle and I like it. It is very beautiful and I don't know people with the same name. But sometimes people pronounce it as Yanelle, Janella or Jinelle but on the whole it is an uncommon and beautiful name.
Potterania  9/28/2008
This is the name of one of the singers from Prima J Janelle aka J-Nelly.
― Anonymous User  8/7/2008
In Portuguese, janela means window. That's why I don't like this name at all.
― Anonymous User  7/21/2008
It sounds like something lower middle class people choose for their daughter out of the desire to seem more glamorous and sophisticated than they are, and of couse they fail miserably, as the name is a bit... well, not flat ot trashy, but far from highly sophisticated. It's a rather unimaginative, lazily constructed name.
slight night shiver  4/24/2008
I never used to particularly care for this name, but lately I find Janelle to be a subtly sophisticated and pretty name. I don't think it's trendy; I've never met a Janelle in my life.
― Anonymous User  3/10/2008
I have mixed feelings about Janelle. Somtimes I really like it. I think it sounds trendy without being too trendy. Then again, somtimes I really hate it and think that it just sounds like Geletain or Jello.
― Anonymous User  12/30/2006
Hey, that's my name! I have to say that I love my name. It's a beatiful name that you only hear around every so often.
hanejay  9/30/2006
I really like the name Janelle. It is in fact, my name. It is very unique, and not many people have that name. All done!
― Anonymous User  7/27/2006
I have always thought that Janelle was a pretty name. Not overly used which is nice.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
Connotation for the name Janelle means "gracious, merciful".
― Anonymous User  4/10/2006
Janelle is my name and I love it. I find it plain sometimes, but it is very unique and everyone tells me how beautiful it is. However, most Janelles I've met are very bratty.
Meni  11/26/2005
Pronounced ja_NELLE.
Janelle  11/8/2005

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