Janine is a very gorgeous name!
Janae is a lot better but Janine works. I don't really like the spelling of it though.
Janine is a supporting character in the novel and TV series "The Handmaid's Tale". Initially, she is very rebellious and feisty, with red hair, but as the story progresses, her spirit is broken somewhat by physical and psychological torture. She becomes a rather naïve, somewhat childlike character later on. However she remains a loyal friend to the main protagonist, June.
Janine Tugonon is a Filipino fashion model, television presenter, actress and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2012 and later finished 1st Runner-Up in Miss Universe 2012. She was the first-ever Filipino model to be featured in a Victoria’s Secret campaign.
Really pretty.
Janine is a common name in the Philippines.
My name is Janine and I honestly don't really like my name. I would have preferred another name but many people have said that they liked my name and that it fits me. I feel this is a pretty rare name because I have only met a teacher with my name and only a friend's aunt. So if you want to name your child this go ahead but be prepared for lots of mispronunciations and nicknames like J9 and Nini (yes I know these are really weird).
I can't stand this name, sounds like someone who would be after someone else's man or someone who is very jealous. It's just got that horrible sound to it. It's a no from me.
The name Janine was given to 50 girls born in the US in 2015.
The name Janine is also commonly used in the Netherlands: in 2014, there was a total of 4799 bearers (of all ages) in the entire country. [noted -ed] See also:- (in Dutch)The name is also in use in Belgium: according to the website listed below, in 2009 there was a total of 2488 bearers (of all ages) in the entire country. Out of those, 856 lived in Flanders (the Dutch-speaking part of the country) and 1332 in Wallonia (the French-speaking part).- (in Dutch)Known Dutch and Belgian bearers of the name include:- the Dutch violinist Janine Jansen (b. 1978):
- the Dutch actress Janine van Elzakker (b. 1945):
- the Dutch television host and journalist Janine Abbring (b. 1976):
- the Dutch long-track speed skater Janine Smit (b. 1991):
- the Belgian actress Janine Bischops (b. 1942):
- the Belgian television host Janine Lambotte (1925-2012):
I personally doubt that this name originated as an English form of Jeannine. I believe it originated as a French variant spelling of Jeanine (itself a variant of Jeannine) and then eventually made its away across the pond. The fact that this name has been commonly used in France points to this: it has been in use since at least the early 1900s, with the height of its popularity in 1933: in that year, a total of 2664 baby girls were given the name. [noted -ed]- (in French)- (in French)Also, I doubt that it could have been the other way around, i.e. the French adopting Janine as an English form of Jean(n)nine. The French have historically been fiercely proud and protective of their language. They still are to this very day, which e.g. shows in the fact that almost all foreign TV series and films are dubbed into French, rather than subtitled into French. Because of protective measures like this, the average French person is very oriented on their native language and has a relatively poor grasp of English (or any other foreign language, for that matter).In this situation, it is hard and unlikely for foreign languages to have much exposure in the country, let alone have much of an affect on the French language. This extends to [the "import" of] foreign given names as well, which is what Janine would be (if we assume for a moment that it actually originated in any English-speaking country). You can imagine that this situation was even harder in the pre-Internet age, and even more so before World War II (since globalisation slowly but surely began to take off after World War II). The name Janine was at its most popular in France in the 1930s (i.e. before the second World War), so how could the average French person of that time have possibly been exposed to what is said to be an English name?! There wasn't even an internationally known English bearer of the name at the time.So, all in all, I personally believe that the name Janine originated in France, instead of in English-speaking countries like the United Kingdom and the United States. Not least because in French, there isn't much of a difference in pronunciation between Jeanine and Janine.Known French bearers of this name include:- the photographer Janine Niépce (1921-2007):
- the actress Janine Darcey (1917-1993):
- the actress Janine Sutto (born in 1921 in Paris):
- the psychoanalyst Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel (1928-2006):
- the essayist and translator Janine Altounian (born in 1934 in Paris):
- the novelist Janine Boissard (born in 1932 in Paris):
- the novelist Janine Teisson (born in 1948 in Toulon):
Janine is a nice, neat name. It makes a terrific middle name! :)
My name is Janine. It is very uncommon, I've met one other Janine in my life and it was a great moment lol. When I was little girl I always thought it didn't sound dainty or girly like other girls names and wished I had a more sweeter sounding name, but as I grew older I have grown to really like it. :-)
The name Janine was given to 58 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
I think Janine is a good middle name. It is mine after all.. I'm Olivia Janine :) as a first name though I find it dated.
Wife of Neil Sanderson (Drummer of Three Days Grace). (Actually, her name is Janin)
Janine is the name of a Poison-type Gym Leader in the Pokemon games. She is the daughter of Koga, the original Poison-type Gym Leader.
I always thought of Janine to be a unique name.
Janine is my grandmother's name. It's an old ladies' name in France.
The name Janine comes for the Hebrew meaning of "A Gift From God".
My sister is a Janine. Very much so. Pretty, and silly. But wise and outgoing too. We called her J-9 the K-9 to tease her when we were growing up. But I think she rather liked being just plain 'J-9'. It sounded rather "secret agent"ish. Or like a 'robot' name. Otherwise simply pronounced it. Jan/nEE'n. It fits a child. But it grows up very well too.
Absolutely foul, no offence but it's true.
I love this name and wish I would've gave it to one of my daughters. However, I do not like it spelled Jeannine.
I love the name Janine, it's different and very uncommon. Wouldn't change it for anything else.
Janine was Joey's brief roomate on FRIENDS, played by Elle MacPherson.
Elegant and understated, a name that will serve a girl well all her life. (Now I sound like Orddu from THE CHRONICLES OF PRYDAIN. If you haven't read those books, by the way, I highly recommend them.)
I have always liked the name Janine. It is a pretty name that isn't used very much.
Janine is a name for someone who is crazy and outgoing. I think it's kinda cute.
"Janine" is a song by David Bowie, off his Space Oddity album. It begins with the lines "Oh my love, Janine/I'm helpless for your smile."Janine is also Claudia Kishi's genius older sister in Ann M. Martin's Babysitters Club series of books.
I love the name Janine, it's very pretty, and very underused.

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