More likely a European form of John.
YA-nuys in Swedish, YA-nuws in German, and YAH-noos in Finnish.
Layra Janus is a minor character in "The Amulet Series" by Kazu Kibuishi.
Well, my family is Janus. We are German came to America in 1800s.
If a boy was named Hugh Janus, the jokes would never end.
I agree with the person above me.
Just imagine a kid actually named "Hugh Janus" that's practically suicide for your kid.
Janus Zeal is a character in the game Chrono Trigger. Born in the Dark Ages as the prince of the Zeal kingdom, he was accidentally transported to 12,600 years in his future and grows up to become Magus, a critical antagonist/ally in the game.

That said, there's controversy over how his name would be pronounced, either the Latin way (Yah-nus) or the Anglicized way (Jay-nus). It's never specified.

Love this name.
Janus is the name of the enemy organization in the James Bond film GoldenEye.
In Latin it would be pronounced: "yah-nus". There was no J in classical Latin; rather, "i" could serve as both a vowel (with an "ee" sound) or consonant (with a "y" sound). Currently, it is common to change the consonantal "i"s to "j"s. An alternate spelling: Ianus.
I bet the other kids in school would just cover the J with some ink or something. Not an easy name to live with, especially with immature brats around.
In Dan Brown's book Angels and Demons, Janus was a code name that the bad guy used. No one saw it coming that Janus would betray them all.
Pronounced JAY-nus.

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