I typically tend to prefer the traditional, classic spellings of most names, but Jacqueline is one of those names with which I don't really mind the plethora of spellings it has, I like most of them, to a varying degree, and so I like Jaqueline too. But I do prefer the standard spelling, it looks fuller and more elegant. Moreover, I absolutely adore the name Jack for a boy, and most Jac- names, and Jaqueline isn't a Jac- name, therefore I like it a bit less than the Jac- spelling. It's still really cool though.
The standard form of this name in Polish is Jakubina, or a more modern one influenced by the French pronunciation of Jacqueline is Żaklina, but as of January this year, there are 68 women in Poland with the first name Jaqueline. 23 have it as a middle name.
Jaqueline Nakiri Nalubale, known as Jaqee, is a Ugandan soul singer based in Sweden and Germany.
Jaqueline (JACK-we-lin) from the A Series of Unfortunate Events T.V series!
Variant English Pronunciations: JAK-lin, JAK-leen, JAK-wa-leen.
I like this name, prefer it with a c. Someone who comes to mind especially with this name is Jacqueline Du Pre, a famous cellist especially known for her performance of Elgar cello Concerto in E minor. Not the same spelling but the same name. As a cellist myself, this is definitely one of my favourite names.
Jaqueline, with this spelling, is so much used in Brazil. [noted -ed]
The name Jaqueline was given to 139 girls born in the US in 2015.
I like this name, and all spellings makes me think of a female with natural black hair.
This is the Portuguese form of JACQUELINE, it is pronounced zhak-e-LI-ne.
I prefer it if it has the 'c' in it.
This is a song by the British band Franz Ferdinand, I love this band, and the name is nice, in my opinion.

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