Also occasionally used in Slovene:
I know a woman named this. Jarmila has it's own unique "thing" going on; it's cool and different. I didn't know the origins until now.
Slovakian-born Australian tennis player, Jarmila Groth.
Actress Jarmila Vacková-Marton, born 19th August 1908, Chicago, Illinois - 26. September 1971, Santa Monica, California.
Famous bearers:
Indian moderator Jarmila Balážová
Writer Jarmila Glazarová
Actress Jarmila Smejkalová
Actress Jarmila Vacková
Actress Jarmila Beránková
Actress Jarmila Holmová
Jarmila is also the Slovak, Serbian, Croatian, German and Hungarian form.
This one just sounds weird.
Pronounced as "Yahr-mee-lah" (short -ee-).
Jarmila´s pet forms are Jarka, Jaromilka, Jarunka, Jaruna, Mila, Mili, Jaromila.

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