I think this name is better for a girl. It’s beautiful and elegant. Way toooo feminine for a boy, I think! But I’m not going to be hard on this name for a boy, since it’s labelled MASCULINE. How about we compromise and say it’s FEMININE AND MASCULINE, huh? Jasmine just means it’s the slightly more delicate version of Jasmin. But even the masculine form is still tooo feminine, kinda like Augustine and Augustina being the opposite sex names but they both still sound feminine. You know, parents can name their sons and daughters whatever they want! Personally I would go with Jasmine for a girl, I’m still wondering about Jasmin for a boy though! But you know I have an obsession with names! I’ve been on this website since early July.
I find it hard to see this name being used on males...
As a native of France, I can assure you that no Frenchman would give their son this name. And I've never heard this as a French name except on this site. Yes, we do have floral-sounding masculine names, like my own name, Florian. Jasmin isn't one of them. We use Jasmine for girls, but that's it. Maybe in Quebec, Haiti, Guadeloupe, Martinique, or some of our former African colonies they might use this, but not in France proper. As far as I know, the only language with any male form of Jasmine is Bosnian. Jasmin is NOT a French boys' name!
Definetly not a masculine name...
In Quebec it is rare but it is used. Jasmin (the name of the flower) is a masculine noun in french.
Not given in france. It's a nice flower, though.
Jasmin is also a common male name in the Balkans, especially in Bosnia. It means "jasmine", which is a masculine noun in those languages. Diminutives are Jasko and Jasminko, and the feminine form is Jasmina.
Also a masculine name in Slovenia.
Jasmin is a common (male) name in Bosnia, pronounced like Yasmin.
Jasmin is the French form of Jasmine. It is pronounced zhahs-muhn (more or less). [noted -ed]

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