Jax is a nickname for Jaxon.
Combined meaning of “brave warrior” and “sent by god”, like someone said before: rooted in the traditional Ajax or Jonathan.
It's cool, although Idk what is the purpose of this...

Can't you use Jack?
So cool! Loving this name!
Cool name! I don’t get why so many people hate this.
A fresh twist on the name combinations of Ajax (“brave warrior”) and Jonathan/Jack (“gift from God”).
Oh my god I can’t believe that I used to like this name. It’s gross.
Cool-guy name. I personally like it for a little boy and also for a grown man. Especially if paired with a long/traditional last name or middle name.
Masculine and cool.
Immature and tryndee. Won't sound great past the age of 10.
I REALLY LIKE THE NAME! I think it's very pretty and a good thing is it's gender neutral (at least I think it is XD) and after I finally came out as enby and changed my name to Jax, I really like it! I mostly get positive comments from people :3 and IT SOUNDS SO COOL :0.
This name is SUPER-COOL and better than Jack or even the roman goddess of PAX! This name looks and sounds super cool as a nickname for Jackson and a full name! Did I mention that this name has an X in the end?! Such an epic dude's name!

I also like Jackson as a name for guys!

BTW, I am SHOCKED by the amount of comments for the name JAXX. I'm surprised only ONE person has commented on this name because it's a really GREAT name!
It’s a little weird. I prefer Jack or Jackie.

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