Awful. It makes no sense.
I'm honestly glad this name is dropping out of use. Hopefully this name will never come back to the top 1000 at any point in the future.
This name is arson for the eyes.
And the award for the most trailer trash name of all time, goes to whatever the heck this is.
2% rating?! Wow. I'm impressed.
Stripper's name.
To my knowledge, this is the most disliked name on the entire website! Congrats on the TWO PERCENT APPROVAL RATE! Yeah, this name is a dumpster fire.
I think parents are starting to get a little too creative...
People, just use Jaxton! Jaxtyn sounds so weird! Please listen to me, it'll save your child's life!
Yikes...normally I don't hate comment/criticize names, but based on these other comments, I must say, this is bad.
You know, I thought the kre8yve spellings of Jackson were bad enough. This is next level.
Wow, this is bad.

If you must have it please spell it Jaxton.
Free sibling names:

Girl sibling name: Freeiiyxa
Boy sibling name: Toemaxxs
Unisex sibling name: Wxindozx.
Unnecessarily difficult to spell, tacky and childish. Terrible name all around.
Tinkly, embarrassing name. Forever babyish. This kid, boy or girl, will never grow up.
Atrocious and tacky.
Absolutely the worst of the worst.

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