WOW. This is PRETTY. I like it a lot better then Janae and Raylene. Beautiful for first or middle name!
My name is also Jaylene and a lot of people call me weird but funny and also pretty but I don’t see it. I like to keep things to myself and I get attached to things easily. 50% of my life is about Kpop which I’m proud of and half of the time it’s my best friend I stick with and she says I’m nice and funny and outgoing but sometimes I get really hyper at the wrong moments which I can agree on. I’ve been to karate and I can be a tough girl and strong girl but on the inside I’m sensitive and I get offended real easily. I’m really tall and in the sixth grade I was already taller than half of my teachers.
I knew a girl with this name but spelled it Jayleen. She was stuck up, two faced, and a attention seeker. So I don't like this name because of her and because it sounds made up and infantile.
Just as bad a Raylene, Karlene, and Raelyn.
This name annoys me. As an Eileen, the ending matches my name, so I kind of like that, but then I think of Jayden and hate that.
I like the spelling Jayleen more than Jaylene.
The name Jaylene was given to 382 girls born in the US in 2016.

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