"I'm going to Jaylin a few days," said the criminal.
I disagree with anyone who says this name is not a nice name. My friend's name is Jaylin, and she's really fun. I think it's a really nice, flowing name that's really pretty.
I personally love it. I think it flows well with any last or middle name. In this era, I don't think people are going to think of a jail or something like that. I believe it is a wonderful name and it should stay a name and not be forgotten.
JAY-lin in English.
My daughter's name is Jaylin Elizabeth and it fits her perfectly!
This "name" sounds like it was inspired by someone wasting away in jail or prison. Jay and Lynn named and variants of them are fine but for God's sakes, don't mix them together unless you wish for others to assume the inspiration for your child's name came from the thought of jail.
Hopefully this dreadful name leaves the charts come next year. Jaylin: a TERRIBLE name that is best forgotten.
It sounds like jailin', people. Think about that before you use it on a person.
I don't like the name Jaylin, but I really like the name Jazlyn.

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