Why so much hate? This is a wonderful name. My friend's name is Jaylyn. I know a few Jaylyns in fact! It's such a good and popular name.
In 2007, there were seven spellings of this name in the top 1000 for girls: Jaelyn (#360), Jaylynn (#544), Jaylin (#561), Jaelynn (#593), Jaylyn (#771), Jaylen (#872), and Jailyn (#966). [There was also Jalen (#268), but only for boys.] If all of these different spellings for girls had been reported as one name, there would have been 3,491 girls born with this name in 2007, enough to put it at #96 on the top 1000.
People don't have to be so harsh, this is the middle name of my friend and I think it’s very unique and strong sounding.
Jaylyn is such a pretty name! I really like the combination Jaylyn Rose! I've never met a Jaylyn before, so I think it's a good name if you don't want your child to be stuck in a class with several other kids with the same name. And there's no need to comment such bad things about this name, y'all are probably taking your own insecurities about your name out on other ones.
I think it's a nice name.
The name Jaylyn is very nice. I like the name. I like the spelling of the name and the way you pronounce it. There is nothing about it to dislike.
It's a beautiful name, and I'm considering naming my next daughter Jaylyn.
Note: Jaylyn slowly doesn't sound like whale speak. Whales sing to each other, while J-A-Y-L-Y-N is a name said slowly. Jay is a UNISEX name. U-N-I-S-E-X! I think that Jaylyn is a wonderful name and I will DEFINITELY give it to my next daughter!
To my horror, the 'name' Jaylyn was given to 249 baby girls in the US in 2012.
I came across a young girl with a daughter named Jaylyn (though it might've been spelled differently). She put the emphasis on the last syllable, so it was jay-LYN. Her sister (yes, sister) was named kayden. I didn't know if I should laugh, throw up, or cry.
Yeah, pretty sure I've seen a Jaylyn or two on Maury ordering paternity tests to about 15 men. It really does bring to mind someone who was born to uncultured parents and leads a trashy life.
There is a pornographic film actress who goes by the name Jaylyn Rose.
This name looks hideous. It sounds kind of masculine too. Definitely not the kind of name I would choose for a baby.
This name is incredibly trashy and trendy. It sounds like the bearer will be stuck in the trailer park. There are plenty of nicer names out there.
All of you are insulting. I have a cute funny 4 year old sister named Jaelyn. It should be spelled J.A.E.L.Y.N like my sister.
Well, take the 'y' and the 'n' off the name. Does that sound too good? Nope, probably not. Now say the name s-l-o-w-l-y. Now it sounds like whale speak. Say it really fast. Now it sounds like the name 'Jillian'.

Now take off the last three letters. Now it sounds like a male name! Well, I guess it already is a male name, but If you name a female child Jaylyn and someone takes the last three letters off.

Do you get what I'm saying about this name? I don't recommend this name.
I don't think any name that starts with the ''JAY'' sound is suitable for females. Despite the ''lyn'' ending, this name sounds masculine. I wouldn't use it for a boy either, though, as it sounds an awfully lot like 'jailing'.
Trendy garbage. Need I say more?

I am sick of these trendy "-lyn", "-aden", "-ee" names! They smack of low class to me. Why don't parents choose something that actually has substance and meaning, a name that will actually grow with their child? It's names like this that do not age well and leave a glut of people (children or adults) with absurd names that are just a remnant of one of many long-gone trends.

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