Jazlyn is a very cool name. It's beautiful. Nice modern alternative to Jasmine.
Stripper name!
I'm sorry but for the rude people who like to judge people's names instead of judging their own needs to go on with their life it is a beautiful name and it means something very beautiful. Please move on within your life if you're just here to judge people please.
I don’t like made-up names. Jasmine is soo much better.
Juvenile and made-up.
This is my name and I really don't enjoy people saying rude things about it. I like my name and it doesn't sound made up.
Personally, I believe that Jazlyn is quite a unique and beautiful name. It's not basic and it stands out. Besides, it doesn't sound trashy at all just like everyone says. Seems like a bandwagon going on. It's an amazing name.
Another crappy made up name.
Good God.
Not to be that person or anything, I just wanted to comment. My name is Jazlyn and although I, myself have struggled with finding the love within the name I know it was picked for me. My parents liked names starting with Jaz, but they tended to be too popular. My aunts are Lynn and Heidi Lynn. So my parents decided to mash those together. Looking at Jazzlyn or Jazlynn. And finally decided on Jazlyn. In no way has my name been related to a “stripper name”, reading these comments is the first time I’ve even heard of someone relating it to that. Also, no name should be related to class. Some comments state that only “low class” people who want their kid to stand out would name a kid Jazlyn. So what, if they like the name and want their kid to stand out they have every right. My parents aren’t “low class” and named me Jazlyn. Does that mean I have a “dirty” or “trashy” name? Just because you believe that only the lower class name kids Jazlyn... Queen Elizabeth is rich and upper class, but I have friends named Elizabeth that aren’t... does that mean they have a rich name? Or that Queen Elizabeth has a “dirty” name? No. Before you judge someone else’s name think about what you’re going to say. I don’t care if your name is Callie or Billy. You have your name and no one should make you feel less about your self for your name. Get out of the comment section if you’re going to say mean things about people's names :)
It's weird... I like the name Jasmine, and I like a lot of different names with the popular English name suffix 'len'... but I don't like Jazlyn for some reason. Perhaps it's because I don't think it mixes well. Because the first syllable has a z, and then len comes at the end.
My daughter's name is Jazlyn. I love that name and think it is really pretty and unique.
I have the name Jazlyn and I resent people calling my name trashy. My mother gave me this name for a reason and it's a beautiful name. I'm proud to have Jazlyn as my name as it's unique and it's not a stripper name because as far as I know I'm not a stripper.
Trashy, doesn't age well. "Grandma Jazlyn"? No, thanks.
I feel like all the negative commentators put way too much thought into my name. It's not tacky or trashy, and certainly not stripper-ish. And if you have a problem with it, don't name your daughter Jazlyn. But why waste your time knocking the name and making the few people with this name feel bad? I love my name and I'm proud of it. It's unique, but not ridiculously out there for a name. I hope every other Jazlyn out there loves it just as much as I do and they don't have to deal with the negativity I've read on here in real life.
Super trashy. And sorry to the people above, but of course nobody has told you outright that your daughter's name or your name is stripper-ish or tacky. It's silly to think that people would outright tell you that they dislike your name. The school your daughter goes to or your social status doesn't mean that you didn't pick out a trashy name. A millionaire could name her daughter Shaniqua if she wanted to, and Jazlyn is definitely in the same category as Diamond, etc, and is much worse than Skye.
Jazlyn is my name and a few of these comments are funny to me. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but my name is no stripper name and it has never been called tacky in my 22 years of living. The name is unique and I love it because I don't find many, if any, people with this name.
I chose the name "Jazlyn" for my Daughter back in 2009 when I found I was pregnant with her. I instantaneously fell in love with the name the minute I saw it. I didn't want any of my children to be similar to everyone else, to have a common name like "Mary" or "Anna" so I picked a name that would distinguish her from other children. Mind you, we live in an upper-middle class neighborhood and Jazlyn goes to an upstanding Catholic school in an immensely good neighborhood. "White trash", "trailer trash" name?! Negative. Stripper name? You're confusing the name "Jazlyn" with a name like "Diamond", "Princess" or "Skye". Seriously. The name is beautiful and I'm sure you will be seeing more of it down the line.
In Arabic, Jaza means reward. Jaz (the name) in Arabic means Important. So, trailer trash this name is not.
Here are examples of how intriguing Jaz, the name, is.
Jaz can refer to:
Jazz music (the spelling with one "z" being mostly used in the 1910s)
Jaz drive, a disk storage system
Jeremy "Jaz" Coleman (*1960), a musician and record producer known as lead vocalist of Killing Joke
Jaz-O, the stage name of Jonathan Burks (*1964), a rapper known for bringing Jay-Z into the music business
Jaz Beach, a beach on the Montenegro Riviera
Jaz (island), a Croatian island
Jaz (beer), Malaysia's only locally brewed beer
Jaz, alternate spelling of Gaz, Iran, a city in Isfahan Province, Iran
Jaz, Hormozgan, a village in Hormozgan Province, Iran
Jaz, Isfahan, a village in Hormozgan Province, Iran

I am proud to say that my daughter is named Jazlyn and she lives up to the meaning of it. She is nicknamed Jazzy. She grew up learning Jazz music, playing the clarinet and Tenor Sax. I hope she keeps living up to the name bestowed upon her.
That is the most ratchet name ever.
Jazlyn means "jasmine lake" or "jazz lake". Lyn comes from Welsh and means "lake" and Jaz either comes from the name Jasmine which comes from Arabic meaning "jasmine" or from the word Jazz.
Like the spelling Jazzlyn better but I cant use it since my name is Jasmin and am called Jaz or Jazzy.
I can see this name still being used in the future. It does have quite the modern feeling, and it's not nearly as stupid as most of the others out there. I don't like the sound of it, myself. Pronouncing it Jazz-lin, you may as well say Jasmine. At least that is reminiscent of something that exists. Of course, freestyle jazz itself is targeted at a specific range of people; perhaps the same could be said about this name. I would, however, never limit a goddamned thing to class. The poor do the same as the working as the middle as the upper middle as the wealthy as the rich & powerful. The only thing that changes is the ability to do something about it.
This name sounds very trashy and unfeminine. I don't know why made-up names like this are so popular.
No absolutely not! This name smacks of run-down trailer-park families who must give a "unique" name to their daughters to make them stand out (and then find no less than twelve other girls in their daughter's class with the same name). As soon as the trend is over, then the girls who bear this name will live with it for life as a reminder of all of these ridiculous names like "Jaylen", "Jayden", "Kylee", "McKayla", "Kaylee", and so on and so forth.
No offense to anyone who has this name, it just reminds me of a stripper for some reason.
I just posted this comment for the spelling of Jaslyn. But the same goes for this name too. Honestly this name does have a bit of a trendy sound to it. But I have to admit that it is intriguing and catchy. I really like it. I think this name has some class to it.

I also find Jasmine and Jocelyn pretty names. And if this name is the combination of those names. Then that makes me like it even more. I find this spelling more trendy then the alternate spelling of Jaslyn. The reason for that is, Jaslyn is the combination of Jasmine and Jocelyn. But this is the combination of Jazmine and Jocelyn. I don't like the spelling of Jazmine with a z instead of an s. That is ubber trendy to me. I think the Jaslyn spelling is much better. And more classy looking. Even if it has a trendy sound to it. But I really don't like the name Jasmine spelled Jazmine. That's too kre8tive to me. The spelling of Jasmine is quite pleasant.

Looking at it spelled gives me the trendy impression right away. Mainly due to the lyn ending. But saying the name out loud. It is pleasant and refreshing sounding. I really do like it. I just prefer the Jaslyn spelling.
Another site did claim that this name was English for Joyful. I am assuming they are using that meaning due to the fact this name is a combination of Jocelyn which also means joyful. This name also is the combination of Jasmine.

Honestly this name has multiple names within it. Jasmine, Jocelyn, Lynn and Jazz. Jazz or Jazzy would be a cute nickname. But I can see why the other site claims Jaslyn or Jazlyn is English for Joyful.

I think it is a beautiful name combined with many beautiful names and has a beautiful meaning to it.
Well some say it could come from Jocelyn. Which I can see. It could be a variant. But based on the pronunciation it makes more sense if it is Jasmine plus Lynn. It is pronounced (jazz-lynn), Jas in Jasmine is also pronounced Jazz. So I believe it to be this.

It is probably the English version of FLOWERY LAKE. Jasmine the flower and Lynn means lake. Add the two contents together and you flowery lake. Does that make sense? I am just thinking out loud haha lol!
Some variants:
Jaslyn / Jaselyn / Jazelyn or Jazlynn.
Another site had this to say about the name Jaslyn and Jazlyn:
English Modern variant of Jasmine; combination of Jocelyn and the musical term 'jazz'.
Jazlyn - a modern day variant of Jocelyn. Jocelyn was a male name in medieval times then later adopted as a female name. Jazlyn is English and means Joy.
I think this name looks very tacky. It doesn't even mean anything.

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