This spelling just takes away some of the beauty of Jasmine.
This name is getting so basic and overused and even if y’all use this name JASMINE with an S it's way better. Like even though Rose is pronounced ROW Z you know no one spells it with a Z.
Chose the name JAZMINE for my second daughter because it has wonderful meaning and my Jazzy is shy and beautiful.
Love her so much.
I believe the name is not spelled like others, different, therefore it's very unique. It also means flower, gift of god, beauty and sensuality. If you're none or believe you're none of these things make your own definition. I mean it is your name right?
This spelling isn't that bad, but Jasmine looks better and classier.
I love the name Jazmine! That's my name!
Well, I know a lot of people love the name jasmine, and that's something I can't understand because personally I really dislike it. But this spelling makes it 10, 000 times worse. It's a word! You can't misspell words!
Ugh. I can't stand when people take perfectly lovely names like Jasmine and ruin them with trendy, kre8tive spellings. The z just makes it look trashy and class-less.
This is one of my favorite names. I think that it is more modern. I don't understand why some people rated it as a common name. I think it is a rarely used name.
Jazmine Sullivan is a singer.
Jazmine is the name of my second daughter and I love it. I think the "Z" in her name makes it glamorous! "Jazmine, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl"!
I absolutely LOVE my name, it's so unique and pretty.
If you're going to name your child Jasmine (my name), at least spell it right.
I actually like this spelling as well as the spelling Jasmine (which is MY name - and the original spelling - and I don't find it stupid, so *AHEM* to the first girl who posted).
Jazmine Rotolo (Jazmine Grace Grimaldi; born 4 Mar 1992) was recently revealed to be the illegitimate daughter of Sovereign Albert II, Prince of Monaco by Tamara Rotolo.
Don't you just love that "z?"
The name Jazmine comes from the Italian phrase 'jazmina' which roughly translated means shy and beautiful.
I think that the name "Jazmine" is properly spelt this way because with an "s" it is Jasmine and that just sounds stupid. It is also stupid with a y like Jazmyn or Jasmyn.

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