An older form of this name is Jéronyme (also often found written as Jéronime), which is obsolete in this day and age. It originates from the medieval period and was unisex at the time.

In turn, it should be a variant of Hiéronyme (also often found written as Hiéronime), which is the French form that is closest to the original Greek name Ἱερώνυμος (Hieronymos). It was also unisex and is now also obsolete.

With that said, it seems to me that Jérôme might initially have started out as a contracted (i.e. shortened) form of Jéronyme, which was a longer name and thus a bit more cumbersome to write and pronounce. For reasons unknown, this particular abbreviation appears to have been limited to male bearers and eventually became the dominant French masculine form of Ἱερώνυμος (Hieronymos).
Lucille  1/13/2020
Jérôme Agyenim Boateng is a German professional footballer who plays as a defender for German club Bayern Munich and the Germany national team. A versatile defender, Boateng primarily is a centre back, although he is a capable full back on either side. Physically strong and composed, he has garnered a reputation as a tough-tackling defender and is considered to be one of the world's best at his position.
cutenose  1/10/2017
I don't know if a can call this man famous, but Napoleon's youngest brother was named Jérôme Bounaparte. I'm a Napoleon nerd.
Dahlis  2/1/2006

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