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I have yet to meet a man with this name. If I do, what a glorious meeting it will be.
kayisforkeen  9/1/2018
The “Marie” part is super feminine.
Curious me  9/1/2018
I think Marie and any name related to the virgin Mary like Maria is way too girly for a boy. Marius seems much more masculine.
― Anonymous User  2/5/2018
Jean is the French variant of John, not the female name Jean. It is a male name.
One of my French ancestors had this name.
― Anonymous User  8/11/2017
A good (male) friend of mine is named Jean-Marie. He's French-Canadian so I can understand the American trepidation for giving the name to a boy but you'll definitely get used to the Marie part.
literalstardust  2/5/2017
This name has been tainted by the racist Jean-Marie Le Pen who, with the help of his equally bigoted spawn Marine, is helping to destroy France's international reputation.
S-Genesis  12/30/2016
I love my name Jean-Marie. I am female and have noticed that it´s not very common in the US. I have had a variety of people from French speaking counties inform me that it´s a man´s name. I´ve also noticed that while in high school in the early 90´s teachers would only call me Jean. I enjoy having a unisex name that has been pronounced many different ways.

Jean-Marie  9/1/2015
A nice name that has sadly been ruined by that vile racist Jean-Marie Le Pen.
Acajou  11/7/2014
Very feminine! Any boy named this in an English speaking country would get the s*** kicked out of him or get teased to such a great extent that he would either have to change schools, move, or change his name.
I get that 'jean' is unisex but is more feminine. And marie on a boy is the equivalent of calling a boy nancy, nancy boy, sissy, etc

Jean-marie: suitable for a girl.

John-mark would be for a male.
― Anonymous User  9/8/2014
Sounds like a girls' name to me. I don't like it.
bananarama  11/24/2009
Jean-Marie is definitely a male name and NOT a female name. The first part of a compound name is the indicator to the sex. Jean = male, Jeanne = female (as in Jeanne-Marie). Probably the closest female version would be Marie-Jean.

My first name is actually Jean-Marie, I am male and I love the name. However, I was ridiculed for it in school (not too bad though), most of my mail is addressed to Ms/Mrs. Jean-Marie, and occasionally I have to educate people about the reasons why Jean-Marie is not a girl's name. Also, living in an English speaking country doesn't make it easier. John seems to be an acceptable choice.

Other than that it is an unique name with a nice sound to it. Its meaning, God is gracious and bitter, is quite special and gets you thinking.

I'd understand if this name eventually dies out. However, this would be very unfortunate. I encourage parents to consider this name and research more about it. It is a beautiful name and gets a lot of compliments (once the cruelty of teenage years are over).
johnbishop108  2/21/2009
I like this as a female name, but definitely not as a male one!
― Anonymous User  12/13/2008
Saint Jean Marie Baptiste Vianney (1786 - August 4, 1859) was a French parish priest who became a Catholic saint and the patron saint of parish priests.
Varuca  11/11/2008
There is nothing feminine, ornate, or tacky about this name if you are French. I may use it for a daughter, but I don't mind giving a girl a boy's name in the right situation. If I used it, it would be for my parents, John and Mary.

I have seen feminine forms of this: Jeannemarie and Jeanne-Marie.
Varuca  11/11/2008
Very cute. =)
rayne_is_lola  7/22/2007
This is also a feminine name. A main character (female) in Up from Jericho Tel by E L Konigsburg is named Jeanmarie Troxell.
Aqua  5/20/2007
A famous bearer is Jean-Marie Le Pen. He is a French politician and founder and president of the Front National party.
Nerd  5/11/2007
This sounds more feminine then masculine to me.
Kestrel-Bowman-Pinto  2/5/2007
I've only ever seen this used as a female name, but I've always thought it a little ornate and tacky.
― Anonymous User  6/10/2006
Used this as a middle name for my oldest daughter; it was a combination of both of her grandmother's middle names.
trish247  8/2/2005

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