With 68 694 bearers, Jelena is the 9th most common feminine given name in Serbia (2014 Data). With 10 731 bearers, Jelena is the 3rd most common feminine given name in Estonia (2014 Data). With 4 961 bearers, Jelena is the 7th most common feminine given name in Montenegro (2014 Data).

I think this is a pretty name.
The name Jelena is a Russian baby name. In Russian the meaning of the name Jelena is: Shining light.
Jelena Rozga is a Croatian pop singer and one of the most famous singers in Croatia and the Balkans. Jelena Rozga was born in Split, Croatia. In childhood Jelena danced ballet. After primary school, she went to high school for ballet dancers and joined the ballet crew in the Croatian National Theatre. She performed in Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Nutckracker, etc. Jelena left her ballet career when an opportunity showed up to become the lead singer in popular music group from Split - Magazin.
Jelena Janković is a Serbian professional tennis player. Janković is a former World No. 1 in singles, a ranking achieved preceding her finals appearance at the 2008 US Open. Janković's career highlights include winning the 2007 Wimbledon Mixed Doubles title with Jamie Murray, the 2010 BNP Paribas Open, the Internazionali BNL d'Italia twice, in 2007 and 2008, and the aforementioned appearance in the finals of the 2008 US Open. She is coached by her brother Marko. Speculation had been rife that the Serbian tennis player announced her retirement from sports, at age 32, with immediate effect.
49 girls born in the USA (2015) were given Jelena.
Jelena Noura Hadid was Gigi Hadid's birth name.
Jelena Tomašević is a Serbian pop singer famed for her strong vocal performances. She has won numerous awards for her songs and represented Serbia at 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, coming sixth with the song "Oro".
Jelena= ship name for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. At least in writing it's the name- not out loud! Still, ugh...
Another small note: while "jelen" does mean deer in general, it also denotes the male (of red deer in particular), i.e. a stag/hart/buck. [noted -ed]
It's more likely that it derives from the word for the fir tree. There is even a Serbian idiom "vita kao jela" (slender as a fir tree) when referring to a girl or a female in general. It is of course a positive thing. And I think it should be added to the information given for the name, that it is associated with "jela" (fir tree) as well as "jelen" although the former is more probable. [noted -ed]
The proper Latvian spelling is Jeļena, not Jelena. It's probably best to create a separate entry for the Latvian form. [noted -ed]
Male: Jelen, Jelenko, Jelibor, Jelimil, Jelimir, Jelinko.

Female: Jela, Jelena, Jelenka, Jelibora, Jeliborka, Jelika, Jelina, Jelinka, Jelica, Jelka, Jelkica, Jeluša.

All of these names are found in old Slavic records, placenames etc. When Slavs practically haven't heard of Greek Helen/Helena. The male names and other variations prove without a doubt that the name is either from "deer" or "fir tree" or both.

Jelka, Jelkica clearly show that the name means fir tree because the former name is also a noun for the Christmas tree and the latter a diminutive of the former. Jela is a synonym for "jelka".
Jelena is a Slavic name. It's a very common mistake that people connect it to Helen/Helena. Very similar but not even close in etymology. Slavic people in pre-Christian times had very strong bond with nature and many names derive from flowers and trees as well as animals. The name comes from the word "jela" meaning "fir tree" with a VERY common ending "-ena" or "-ena" (although the "-en"/"-an" are from the stem word in adjective form). Alternatively the name could be from the word for "deer" as animal names are used in personal names as well. The name was equated to Helen due to its similar spelling and pronunciation. The name is found amongst Slavic peoples even before Slavic-Greek interaction. Amongst Slavs the Greek name is usually found as Elena both an equivalent to Greek Helena/Elena. Russians have Elena, as do Macedonians and Bulgarians but also Jelena.
Jelena Dokiæ is an Australian tennis player with a Serbian and Croatian background.
Jelena Jankovic with Jamie Murray won the mixed doubles at Wimbledon.
Also used in Slovenia.
A girl I knew with this name had so much trouble with people mispronouncing it, she started spelling it 'Yellina' just to avoid being called 'Ja-LEE-nah' one more time.
It also means 'deer' in Serbian.
I was told that the name is derived from the male version of Julias. From my Italian side. My second son is named Julian after my mother's father meaning fair-haired one. Not knowing he ended up with blonde hair, blue eyes. So far as origin, I have never heard of Serbian meaning "deer". If you are from certain areas in Italy, you would pronounce "Jelena" as "J" sound or as an "H" sound. I think that is where Helen came from.
Jelena Katina is a Russian singer from the group Taty.
My name is Jelena (yeh-leh-nah), and I strongly dislike it. I live in the U.S., and people always say it wrong. For example, on the first day of every new school year when teachers call roll, they say 'Jeh-leeh-nah', and it takes me at least 20 seconds for me to explain the pronunciation to them. It is a lovely name, but if you name your daughter this, beware of mispronunciations.
My name is Jelena (pronounced Yelena). I am from Serbia and know for sure that the meaning of this name is the same as for Helena. It's the same name, only a Slavic version.
Jelen - does mean deer in Serbocroatian, but the name is not related to this.
As well as I know, Jelena or Helena has old Greek origin and means something like Sunshine.
Hello I am from Croatia. Jelena is south Slavic variation of the name Helena. It is not a Croatian name. It is used in Serbia or Monte Negro. Croatians rather use original Helena and we know why.
It's not true that Jelena isn't a Croatian name! The Croats even had royalty named Jelena, so...
Jelena is a very nice name. Jelena is pronounced Yelena. In Serbian jelen means deer.
I'm a half Croatian, half Montenegrean living in Croatia and I could tell you as a fact that name JELENA does not have much to do with HELENA simply because JELEN in Serbo-Croatian means DEER and JELENA would directly mean 'from the deer' or even the female deer.

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