This is my name. I personally grew up hating it for many reasons, including people constantly getting it wrong and assuming it's spelled with a G (leading to many work rosters and systems having my name permanently spelled incorrectly), and never finding anyone else with my name. It's probably also because I liked other names more or simply got bored of it. But I'm learning to love it and now, even though it took me 17 years, think it's actually quite pretty. I'm starting to like its uniqueness.
I totally love this name! I think the spelling "Jemma" is definitely more attractive than "Gemma", although that name is pretty, too. I think the letter J is just more beautiful than G for some reason. I also have a similar variation of this name and I think Jemma is way less boring and very pretty!
I like this spelling more than Gemma. To me, Gemma sounds like it would be pronounced like Jemma but with G.
The sound is beautiful, but I like the Gemma spelling more :)
I prefer Gemma. I just think it looks prettier, plus Jemma reminds me of the name Jenna, which I dislike.
An excellent alternative to the name Jemima, which I absolutely despise.
Prefer the Gemma spelling.
This is the name of my sister and I think that the spelling (Jemma) is 100% better then Gemma. Just because the name isn’t as popular as half the baby names isn’t a bad thing, because in my nineteen years of being on earth I haven’t heard of either of the namesakes, same with my sister.
The name of the prettiest girls in the world...
Phonetically this spelling of the name is the correct one. The 'G' in "Gemma" would revert back to a soft 'G' as in "good" or "great" in English.
This is my name. It certainly wasn't common in early 80s S Africa. I do find I have to say "that's Jemma with a J" when giving it over the phone though, & it always irks me when friends or family, who should know better, get it wrong! Phonetically this is the spelling that works. I do always shorten it to Jemm though. I started the double 'M's as a teenager & now it just looks strangely wrong with only the one!
I definitely prefer this spelling over Gemma. Jemma 100%. It just comes across as appearing more soft, feminine and overall attractive. I do not receive any of that from the Gemma spelling.
Jemma is a common abbreviation of Jemima.
I am named Jemma. As a previous comment stated, my mother too thought that spelling it as Gemma would cause people to mispronounce it with a hard g as in get. Instead, people are lazy, do not actually read, and instead call me Emma, Jenna, Jemima, Hemma... all sorts of things. Even with that, I love my name, and the fact that when someone calls it or talks about Jemma, everyone knows it's me. I never had to worry about being one of 5 Jemma's in a class.
I love the name as it is my own and the only downside is phones always auto correct it to Jemima. I think it is a beautiful name and it's very unique.
I much prefer this spelling (Jemma) over Gemma.
Jemma Simmons, English-born SHIELD Agent and biochemist, is a major character in 'Marvel's Agents of SHIELD'.
The etymology of this name is a bit more complicated than that. In medieval England, Jem/Jemma was the vernacular form of James, used by men and women. Therefore one can see this name as a feminine form of James.
Gemma looks much better but has cute nicknames like Jiji (Gigi), Jem and Ji.
This is my daughter's name and we always get compliments on it. I've also yet to meet another Jemma in real life, which was a large part of why we picked it. My husband chose this spelling versus the traditional Gemma, as he was afraid people would pronounce it wrong (with a soft g, as in get). I love this name!
I know a very nice girl with this name. It sounds nice, better than boring Emma, although I still prefer the spelling Gemma.
I think this name sounds incredibly unattractive. Something about [or someone with] the name irks me greatly. Despite personal associations, I still think it's a terrible name.
Jemma Griffiths, better known as Jem, is a singer-songwriter from Wales.
Since the 1880's Jemma hasn't appeared on the top 1000 list.
Jemma is a very pretty name.
Famous bearer: Model Jemma Kidd.
Jemma Redgrave is an English actress. She is the niece of actresses Vanessa Redgrave.
It's an ugly name.

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