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Jen Ledger is the drums and backing vocals for Christian Rock band Skillet.
Loyal_Rage  6/30/2017
Jen Hudak is an American freestyle skier, specializing in the halfpipe event. Her professional skiing career began in 2004, when she won the US Free Skiing Open. In 2005 and 2006, Hudak won the Junior National and U.S. National Halfpipe Championship, respectively.
lilolaf  2/3/2017
Jen sounds masculine to me. I wouldn't consider it feminine in my opinion!
lilolaf  12/28/2015
Now that I think about this name I think it actually suits females way way better than males. The comment I made earlier about the name 'Jen' isn't actually my true opinion anymore.
lilolaf  1/13/2017
Jen Scotts was the Pink Ranger from Power Rangers Time Force. She is so far the only Pink Ranger to serve as the leader of the team.
PinkJazzX  3/4/2015
Jen Estes, a popular fiction author.
Megam8989  6/22/2012
In the movie "The Dark Crystal," one of the protagonists, a Gelfling, is called Jen, even though he is male.
Martha Gold  4/10/2012
Famous Bearer Jen Heil is an Canadian athlete who won silver in female moguls on Vancouver 2010.
tafflemark  1/29/2011
Jen Morgan is a heroine of Nancy Bond's novel 'A String in the Harp' (1976). The novel centers around a family of Welsh descent who must protect an Ancient Celtic artifact. The novel won the Newbery Honor.
― Anonymous User  11/7/2010
If it's "often used as an independent given name", how come there's no popularity data for it? It can't be all that common, can it? [noted -ed]
WhitePhantom  5/22/2007
Jen is the heroine of the novel 'Teen Idol' by Meg Cabot. The book is a chick-lit roamnce sorta' thing. Perhaps her best book.
Surreal  12/27/2006

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