My mom named me Jennica in 1971. She said she made it up...she saw babies named Jessica & Jennifer & she put them together & gave me my name. In school teachers thought it was a typo & called me Jen or Jen. However, all of my adult life I've gone by Jennica & it suits me. The name spelled with 1 n apparently means God is Gracious & there is a young female named Jennica in the bible. My mom did good!
What on Earth?!
My name is JENNICCA. At first I didn't like my name because I thought it was just a plain name with no meaning. But at the end I realized that my name is a quiet unique one.
Trying way too hard to be different. I would rather have overused Jennifer or Jessica as my name.
Jennica Haikarainen is a Finnish ice hockey player.
My name is Jennica and I actually have had lots of compliments on my name. Some people are so ignorant. My mom named me this in the 80s when yes, Jessica and Jennifer were popular but she found it in a name book. It was spelled Jenica but she added an extra n to help with pronunciation. It is a Scandinavian name meaning "God is Gracious" and it's a form of Jane. It is not a made up name as indicated above! I love that it is unique and I am usually the only Jennica people know, though I have crossed paths with others!
My best friend is called Jennica and she's awesome, she's hardworking and good at everything, she's kinda snobbish though, but I like her.
My name is Jennica and I'm not a spoiled brat. I worked my ass off for everything I got. I own a horse ranch in Indiana. So stop hating on the name and take a look at yours.
Jenica is a Romanian form of the name Jane and means God is Gracious.
I am mad with people's comments. My name is Jennica and I don't think anybody would like it if people were saying stuff like this about their name so people need to stop because every site I go on about my name people leave mean comments. It make me feel like everyone hates me because they hate my name so could people please stop.
I'm pretty sure I can figure out when this "name" was invented... In the 90's when every other girl was either a Jennifer or a Jessica, and parents either couldn't decide which they liked better, or wanted to be unique. It's pretty funny, I was able to figure out right away what names this was a combination of, and I almost laughed out loud at how strange and tacky it was.
I know it's a tacky "invented" name, but for some reason it sounds like a great name for a character.
Parents thinking of calling their daughter Jennica might also consider Jenicka, a Slavic form of Jane.

It sounds identical, but it's a real name with a distinct meaning and origin.
I didn't like this name at first, but now it's growing on me. I'm suggesting this to my sister-in-law for my future niece, as her mother, sister, and sister-in-law (my sister Jennifer) all have names relating to Jennifer.
As a Jessica, I am often mistakenly called Jennifer. Somehow I think Jennica would just make the whole thing more complicated.
This shouldn't really count as a legitimate name.
There is another spelling Jeannica.
This name looks really dumb. Just pick either Jennifer or Jessica instead of lumping the two together!
One of my good friends is named Jennica. She's extremely funny and a great athlete. So, those are two characteristics I usually imagine other Jennica's having. It's nice that it's not as common as Jennifer or Jessica. Those are nice names too, but I know multiple Jennifers and Jessicas, but only one Jennica.
Imagine twins-- Jennica and Jessifer.
Hahaha! Oh that made me laugh. Poor kids. I mean, Jennica? Really? EW.

You may be able to tell, I don't like this. At all.
Jennica reminds me of a spoiled brat who's filthy rich, along with the names Lexi and Ashley.
Personally, I like it. Jenica is how I would use it, though. Not that I would use it, as it isn't my style.
I once knew someone named Jennica, and she was a horror of a girl. I hate the name anyways, it sounds so obnoxious, along the lines of Jessica. And it also sounds and looks trashy. Please don't use this on your daughters!
I just wanted to let you know that Jennica is a wonderful name. :)

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