It's just okay, but it's got such a cool meaning.
I don't understand why people downvote comments saying they like Jericho for a girl. Jericho is a place name, it's only recently started being used as a given name for people, it's not a well established name in the least, so as far as I'm concerned it's as suitable on girls as it is on boys, that is not at all. But you do you I guess.
Sorry, I don't like it because it's so annoying and unappealing to me, in my opinion :(
Love it! Sounds strong and handsome!
I always picture a strong Jericho. I like it.
I had a female teacher named Jericho. Poor gal.
This isn't a famous bearer, but there is a song by Andrew Ripp called Jericho, and I think it's really good.
Beautiful meaning! I love this ❤️.
It's the name of a city, and doesn't sound very pleasant to the ears either.
My name is Jericho I love the name Jericho, it's got a sound meaning.
My name is Jericho, and I'm a woman. As a kid I hated it, because kids thought I was named after the wrestler. Or they called me Jerk-o. Sometimes I'd be referred to as "The Wall". Now as an adult I absolutely LOVE my name. It's unique, and everybody loves it. Some people still stereotype me with "you have a boy's name", but mostly people tell me how unique it is; and how strong of a name it is. The meaning of the name is in 2 chronicles 28:15 Jericho; city of palm trees. The meaning means a lot of things. City of palm trees, city of the moon, and fragrance.
The name Jericho was given to 226 boys born in the US in 2016.
I changed my name to Jericho and people call me Jerry. I love my name now!
The name Jericho was given to 198 boys born in the US in 2015.
Rufus Wainwright has a very delightful song named Jericho.
I like it but would never use it for a child because of one thing... I don't think it would take long for classmates to come up with a taunting of "Jericho the jerk-o"

Other than that, it sounds very cool and makes me think of an attractive, bad-ass type of male character who doesn't take crap from anybody.
It reminds me of chorizo. And then I get hungry.
Jericho has a great meaning, it means: City of the Moon.
Jericho Brown is an African-American poet from Louisiana.
The name Jericho was given to 186 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
From Canaanite roots, from either the word for "fragrant" (Reah) or "moon" (Yareah). [noted -ed]
There is a song by This Providence called 'The Road To Jericho Is Lined With Starving People'. Very cute Beatles-esque song.
I love this name, for a girl. The only other place I've come across it is for a female character in the book 'The Dream Merchant' by Isabel Hoving. Great book. Jericho was a fiesty, clever, loyal character, so I adore the name.
WWE wrestler Chris Jericho is a famous bearer of this name.
In the "Fever" series of novels by Karen Moning, one of the male characters is Jericho Z. Barrons, a very attractive, charismatic but secretive individual.
This is such a cool name for a guy! It sounds rather exotic and classy. I like the way it's spelled, too. I would consider this name for a boy if I ever have one someday!
At first I truly disliked this name, but I swear every time I hear it I like it more and more.
Somehow this makes me think about a very masculine guy who is dumber than a box of rocks and acts like a jerk.
Sounds so cute! I like it a lot! I dislike the fact that it is also a city, but as a name alone it's perfect.
Joseph Wilson is a DC Comics superhero that goes by the name Jericho. Joey is mute and has the ability to possess people. He is best known as a member of the Teen Titans.
The name is so weird, I just love it.
I love Jericho for a girl.
I love Jericho for a girl.
I am a girl and my name is Jericho. I love it because it is so unique.
Jerichau (slightly different spelling of the same name) is a character in Clive Barker's novel Weaveworld.
Jericho is a cool name. Nickname if he wanted could be Jerry. My 6 year old son wants to name his son one day Jericho.
Nice name.

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