Not for English-speakers, because all I can think of is "Jerk off."
Trashy and ridiculous name.
Should definitely not be used in English-speaking countries.
Jerk is the name of a delicious style of cooking from Jamaica.
This name is laughably bad. If the person is foreign and comes to an English-speaking part of the world... yeah, his name will get made fun of big time- even if it isn't said as the word.
I was using the name generator, and not paying attention, and I thought I saw Jerk. Wondering if I'd read it right, I went to the page. It may be a fine name in the non-english world, but considering how worldwide English is becoming, this may never be a good name.
Woah! Hahahaha! I know it's not funny, but it is kind of hilariously shocking to see! Just imagine: "Hello. My name is JERK." I understand that it's a diminutive and all, but it is a bit unfortunate.
Lol. First of all, a lot of comments on this name are very pretentious, as if English is the only language that matters in this world. And secondly, I very much doubt Swedish parents will give this name to their child if they have any idea what it means in English, because so many people like said commenters wouldn't understand.
That being said, I actually kinda like this name. Obviously not when it's pronounced 'Djerk' (as in the English word), but 'Jerk' with the 'J' as in 'young' and the 'E' as in 'bell' (= as it is supposed to be pronounced in Swedish). But I would never name my child 'Jerk' because when he would tell the world his name is "Jerk" he would be made fun of.
I just... Words have escaped me

If this name must be used, spell it as yerk/Yirk.
I think it's a rather nice name, if one actually bothers to look at which language it's used in and figure out how to pronounce it, instead of just going with the immediate kneejerk (so to speak) reaction this name seems to cause in us Anglophones. I could see myself using this for a Swedish character in some story or other; it's short, strong-sounding and memorable, and has a very distinctively Scandinavian sound.
This name rocks!
First of all: Normal Swedish parents would not use this name. Since more or less everyone speak English in Sweden people KNOW what it means.
And if there is anyone that has this name in Sweden, that person is probably 70+, since names like Jerk, Jerker, Sverker and other names that sounds like Jerk was only popular in the 1930-40s.
And actually, Jerker and Sverker is uncommon, but a lot more common than Jerk.

So, all you non-Swedish people, don't get your hopes up. It is not likely that you'll ever meet a Jerk (or jerk) in Sweden. :)
This isn't supposed to be pronounced like the english-speaking folk here thinks. It's with an ä-sound, sort of like the "a" in "hare", or the first "e" in "ever".

That being said, as a previous commentor stated, people in Sweden know how this seems to other people, and tend to be "internationally sensitive", so their kid won't have to have a name that would get really weird in the english-speaking world.
In Swedish this name is beautiful, and it's pronounced YERRK, not like the English word.
I personally think it's a bit ignorant to presume that a child would be teased just for having this name. The name Jerk is only used in Sweden, and (sorry to break it to you, but) most of the world doesn't speak English, Sweden included. Plus, the word "Jerk" is only very mild American slang for "idiot". Where I live, Ireland, we would never say someone is a "jerk", just as an American would never describe someone as an "eejit".
Wow. The parents that name their kids this are some real jerks! Your kid will forever thank you (how about hate you?)
I hate this name. I can't believe my name used to be spelled like this. It brings to mind people that annoy me.
This name is ugly even with the actual Swedish pronunciation, and Swedes would hardly choose this name anymore for the obvious reason that in English, this word has a very negative meaning.
Names like these show that many people around the world have avid imaginations. Just kidding, don't name your kid this in the US, but if you lived in Sweden I guess it would be ok.
If you name your child Jerk that would be such an insult. All your poor child's life they will be called a Jerk in a bad way and when they turn 18 they will probably want to go to court and change their name to something else. So, I highly do NOT recommend naming your poor child Jerk.
Yuk! People do not name your kid this. This a horrible name!
I'm guessing it's pronounced "YERK". Either way I would never name my kid this if I lived in an English speaking country.
You'd have to be a Jerk to use this name in the US (pun unintended).
I think anyone who lived in an English-speaking country should think twice about using this name. But I don't see anything wrong with using it in Sweden. It would be like naming your kid "Eric".
A most unfortunate name.
I have no idea how it's supposed to be pronounced in other places other than the U.S., but don't name your kid this if you live in the U.S. It would just be a nightmare for him.
I try really hard not to be prejudiced about names, but Jerk? Please, don't name your child this! Even ignoring the "mean" meaning, he'll be the laughing stock of his high school classes.
Have fun naming your kid this.
I was told this story about a Swedish man who went on business to America. His name is Jerk Feling. They kept calling out for him at the airport, and it sounded terrible as you can imagine. The name unfortunately does not translate well.
In the United States, "jerk" refers to a person who is rude or mean. Culturally, it would never be accepted as a legitimate first name.

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