I laughed so hard when I saw this name. Having this name in an English-speaking country is even worse than being named Jerk.
I like this name a lot (in Swedish context).
This is worse than Jerk...
Uhhhm no. Haha.
This name would be, as difficult as it is to imagine, even more difficult to live with in the US and Canada than Jerk. And no, Swedes would not use this ugly name either.
I'm an open-minded, decent person, and my first impression at the idea of a teenage boy named Jerker is to laugh. Very hard.
I actually know a Jerker. In Sweden it's not very uncommon. It's pronounced YAIR-kerr. It doesn't mean anything special in Swedish, it's just a name - but it would really be embarrassing for a Jerker to go to an English-speaking country. Jerk is a variant (luckily, it's rather uncommon).
Why do I laugh at the idea of anyone naming their kid this?

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