Jessie Mei Li is an English actress. Her full name is Jessica. She stars as Alina Starkov in the Netflix fantasy series Shadow and Bone. She also appeared in the 2019 production of All About Eve and in Edgar Wright's Last Night in Soho.
My mom's name is Jessie, and though I love to tease her all the time about being called Jessica, apparently it really is a big problem. I never understood how people could make that mistake, yeah it might look like Jessica but there's no "a" just read what you see people.
Pretty and FEMININE please.
This is my name, and like a bunch of others have said, people are all the time referring to me as Jessica, and man it's annoying as heck.
I like it for both genders (;
I'm called Jessie and everyone calls me Jessica- that is not my name, I hate it.
I only like Jessie for females.
Jessie was always much prettier than Jessica for me.
Jessie is one of the main characters appearing in Toy Story. She is a cowgirl along with her best friend, Bullseye.
Jessie is the name of a Wii Sports opponent Mii.
In 2018, 83 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Jessie* who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 576th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.*as a first name, not a nickname.
Jessie is a character in The Little Princess. She is Lavinia's best friend.
My name is Jessie and people tend to think that my name is Jessica and it is really annoying. When I was little I didn't know that Jessie could be a boy's name too, so when people called their sons Jesse it really confused me. Also when I was littler my favourite song was Jessie's Girl because (Not being able to understand much) I thought that they were singing about me. People usually refer to me as Jess though.
Jessie is my name, and it was given to me as the Scottish diminutive of Janet, which was my maternal grandmother's name. My parents paired it with the middle name "Lynn" which is kind of cutesy and trendy right now, but I do like my first name on it's own and generally just use my middle initial. I am often assumed male before face-to-face meetings (which I don't mind, honestly), referred to in writing as Jesse (no "i" hurts my eyes), and called Jessica (even my paternal grandpa called my Jessica for the first few years of my life, until my mom blew up in his face). I really wish Disney would have left my name alone. I'm a little irritated to be Jessie "like that Disney show" which I have never seen nor plan to.
I thought it was a girl's name until I met a boy named Jessie.
Wow! I'm surprised how there's not many comments for the name Jessie! Anyways, I think Jessie is a stylish and pretty name for a girl, though a little TOO popular in usage.
Jessie is one of the members of Team Rocket in the Pokemon anime.
"Miss Jessie Dalrymple" is an old Scottish reel, named in honour of the daughter of an 18th century laird.
Jessie Matthews (1917-81) was a famous and very popular British actress, born in London with the combo Jessie Margaret.
Jessica Cornish 'Jessie J' is a British singer.
Jessie (Yesenia) Camacho appeared on Survivor and is now hosting many shows.
Jessie James is a famous pop/rock/country singer. Her debut album was released in 2009 with the singles, "Wanted" and "I Look So Good (Without You)."
Jessie was the name of the oldest sister in the Boxcar Children series of books for children. She was a "motherly," domestic type, but also very smart and strong. She was always my favorite character, and the name has positive connotations for me.
Also used as a pet form of Janet, itself a diminutive of Jane/Jean.
Jessie is the name of one of the dogs in 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell.
Jessie is my name too. It is only Jessie, not Jessica! I would have been Jessie regardless of gender, though Jesse as a man.
My friend's name is Jessie. A lot of people call her Jessica and it drives her nuts. And it's not Jesse its JessIe!
I love my name which is Jessie. People argue with me all the time that it's Jessica and thats annoying but in reality it's unique as well as I am. It has personality and it's different.

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