Eliza Pollock   (a.k.a. Jessie)   (f)   1840-1919  
Olympic Medalists   1904   archery - Columbia round; archery - national round; archery - team round   (bronze/gold)
Jessica Cross   (a.k.a. Jessie)   (f)   1909-2011  
Olympic Medalists   1928   4x100 m relay   (silver)
Jessica Tandy   (a.k.a. Jessie)   (f)   1909-1994  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Oscar Award Winners   1989   Driving Miss Daisy   (actress)
Jessie   (m)  
Title Characters   1981   Jessie's Girl   (song)
Jessica Vetter   (a.k.a. Jessie)   (f)   1985-  
Olympic Medalists   2010; 2014   ice hockey   (silver)
Jessie   (f)  
Title Characters   1989   Dear Jessie   (song)
Jessie   (f)  
Title Characters   1993   Jessie   (song)
Jessie DeZiel   (f)   1993-  
Notable Athletes   (gymnastics)
Jessie Sammler   (f)  
Fictional Characters from Television   1999   Once and Again