Nice as a middle name but sounds just like the word juul.
I like Jewel for a name. It's different, which is nice, and it's a good strong name.
Jewl looks weird, Jewel is beautiful.
It's an engaging name.
A very pretty middle name.
This name sucks, it should be spelt Jewl.
The name Jewel is 100% feminine to me! Thus, it’s a very nice name but I only love it for a girl! I don’t like this spelling on a boy! Jule is more masculine, Jewel is feminine. I love Jule for either gender, but I only love Jewel for a girl, my opinion! Respect yours!
Jewel is a lovely name for a pet, but weird for a person. I can't imagine Jewel on a boy. I prefer Gemma.
We chose this as our daughter's second name. It's also the name of one of my great great aunts. I think it's unusual and pretty and makes the bearer feel they are special -which they are!
Love it for a girl, hate it for a boy. I would use it as my daughter's middle name but would rather name my son Julius.
The name Jewel was given to 295 girls born in the US in 2016.
86.21 percent of people with the first name Jewel are female.
I had a crush on a boy who went by his middle name Jewel. I wouldn't use this name on a boy, but it fit HIM perfectly.
I am going to name my kid Jewel if it's a girl, and Jule if it's a boy.
Very pretty name.
Jewel is a character in the 3D computer-animated films Rio and Rio 2.
I love this name! It is one of my favorites as it's not too common. I would love to name my daughter Jewel Nicole... if I could just convince my husband! :)
I'm not a huge fan of gem names and I don't really plan on ever naming a daughter of mine after one. However, I think Jewel is the best gem name there is. It has history to it and has been used for quite some time, and it doesn't sound like it came out of a science fiction novel. I feel like it works easily as a name.
'Jewel' is the type of woman who will have your back, she's wise beyond her years, and everyone feels uplifted in her presence. That's the impression I have of this gorgeous name.
Go with Julia instead! Or if you want a gem name, maybe Ruby?
I think this name have a cool rock star feel to it. Also this is nowhere close as tacky as treasure. At least this sounds like a real name and is unique. anyways the name Gemma sucks. it's like Emma with a G.
I can't picture this as a female name thanks to Jewel Bundren from "As I Lay Dying." Not even the overrated singer can make it feminine in my eyes, it's ALL boy.
Might also originate from the English word "Jewel" which is derived from Jewelry. Like, precious stones and stuff.
A famous bearer is Jewel Belair Staite, who starred as Kaywinnit Lee 'Kaylee' Frye in the short lived sci fi series Firefly.
I didn't know this was masculine as well. It seems much more feminine to me.
In the movie, Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, there is a character named Jewel, who is the murderess of her husband.
I definitely think it can sound tacky, but I adore it for a middle name. It can bring elegance and femininity to a more unisex name, which I'm into for girls.
Really ugly and tacky sounding.
I don't like this name. It's tacky.
This name sounds nice on a girl, because it makes me think of jewels, as well as the singer. I can't picture this on a boy. It's too feminine.
Jewel McGowan was a dancer of Lindy Hop, a form of swing dance, in the 1940s and 1950s.
Jewel Osco, American grocery store.
This name doesn't have a very pleasant sound, and it's actually pretty dull as a choice.
I love this name, though that may be a bit biased seeing as it's my own name! I really like it because it makes me feel happy when people say my name, like I'm this special Jewel glowing in the dark and no one can put out my light, no matter how hard they try.
In As I Lay Dying, by William Faulkner, Jewel Bundren is one of the (male) main characters.
Jewel is the name of a grocery store.
The modern French word for "jewel" is "bijou" and the English word is related to it by way of "juel", which most likely came from the Latin "jocale" and/or "jocus", meaning "pastime, sport," or "a thing which causes joy".
My sister is a complete hippy so when she gave birth to a lovely girl the poor thing nearly ended up with the name Jewel Summer Rainbow Pearl. By themselves these names are o.k. I suppose but it's sort of cruel to give them all to a child like that. Her hubby and my mum weren't too pleased either so luckily the baby escaped with the name Keisha Jewel Isabella.
There is a famous singer named Jewel Kiltcher.
There is nothing wrong with any name because they are mostly all unique and have their own meanings. Some names are very popular but not Jewel which makes it a special name.
My sister's name is Jeweliann. My mom liked "Julie," but wanted something different. Unfortunately, a lot of people pronounce it like "Julian."
The actress Jewel Staite is a famous bearer.
This is my name and it is probably one of the best names out there. It tells me I'm worth something on my down days.
Also means "Joy" although I can't remember where that meaning comes from.
I don't like it much. Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Topaz, Opal, Garnet, Pearl, etc. are much more interesting and specific than Jewel, plus it seems nickname-y because lots of girls I know named Julia are called Jules or Jule. Lastly I think it falls under the "tacky English word names" category along with Precious, Treasure, and Cherish. Gemma is much nicer.
Jewel is the name of the unicorn in "The Last Battle," the final volume of "The Chronicles of Narnia" series by C.S. Lewis.
A famous bearer is the singer, Jewel.

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