Jimena Quirós Fernández y Tello (Almería, Spain 5 December 1899 - Madrid, Spain 1983) was a Spanish scientist considered the first female oceanographer in the country. She was the first female staff scientist of the Spanish Institute for Oceanography [es] (IEO), a centre founded in 1914, dedicated to marine science research.
Jimena Muñoz (died 1128) was a noblewoman from the El Bierzo region of the medieval Kingdom of León, the mistress of king Alfonso VI of León and Castile during the late 1070s and early 1080s. By him she was mother of two countesses and grandmother of Afonso I, first king of Portugal.
I went to school with a girl called Jimena. Her twin sister's name was Elvira.
Jim/Jimmy can be a nickname for Jimena and Jimeno.
Jimena Elías Roca is the Miss Peru Universo 2007. Elías won the Miss Teen Peru 2005 Pageant and represented Peru in the Miss Teen International pageant and placed as 1st Runner up. She was elected Miss Peru Universo 2007 on April 16, 2007. She was handpicked by the Corporacion Nacional de la Belleza who is in charge of sending their delegate to Miss Universe and other minor pageants. On May 2, Elías traveled to Mexico City, Mexico to compete in the Miss Universe 2007 pageant which was held on May 28. She did not place.
Jimena "Ximena" Navarrete Rosete is a Mexican actress, TV Host, model and beauty queen who won Miss Universe 2010, becoming the second Mexican to do so. She was previously named as Nuestra Belleza México 2009.
The pronunciation of Jimena is he-men-ah.
This would be by far the usual spelling today.
I have found out that "Ximena" is indeed sometimes still used (as I have noted for that entry).
In Lynne Ewing's series, Daughters of the Moon, one of the main characters is named Jimena.
I've also seen this pronounced jih-MEE-nah and used as a nickname for Jamesina.
Pronounced he--men--ah.

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