Jiří Štajner is a Czech football striker currently playing for TJ Spartak Chrastava. Eight years a player for Hannover 96, he is extremely popular with Hannover fans and is seen as a cult figure at the club.
Jiří Menzel is a Czech film director.
Actor Jiří Pravda (for English people George Pravda), was born 19. June 1916, Praha and he died 30. April 1985, London. His real name was Jiří Čvančara.
National Hockey League forward Jiří Hudler played a crucial supporting role in the Detroit Red Wings' 2008 Stanley Cup win.
Jiří Voskovec (real name is Wachsmann), actor/author, 19th June 1905 Sázava – 4th July 1981 Pear Blossom, California.
Actress Jarmila Beránková and Jiří Vrabec have a son Jiří (1942–1988).
Actress Zita Kabátová and her husband Jiří Zavřel have a son Jiří, born in 1957.
Famous bearers:
Actress/Writer Jiří Voskovec (birth name Waschmann)
Director/Writer Jiří Bárta
Actor Jiří Kodet
Actor Jiří Zahajský
Director/Writer Jiří Brdečka
Actor Jiří Ornest
Actor/Producer Jiří Pomeje
Writer Jiří Křižan
Writer Jiří Hubáč
Writer/Director Jiří Weiss
Pronounced as "Yee-rzee" (short -yee-).
Pet forms: Jirka, Jira, Jiřin, Jura.
Name Day: 24th April.
Jiří Benda, Czech composer.
Jiří Bělohlávek, Czech conductor.

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