It looks like a typo. Plus, the "andra" part somehow doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the name.
I don't like the ''andra'' in this name, it sounds harsh in a way. This name is also too obviously a combo of two names.
I so agree. There are plenty of unique, real names out there that are ACTUALLY REAL and are just unique because they have been forgotten with time. And besides, has anyone ever actually met someone with this name, or is some "creative" parent just admitting all their odd naming ventures?
This name looks ridiculous. It looks like Jo and Ra. This looks like either a dyslexic spelling of "Jordana" or like someone couldn't choose between Joanne and Andrea so mashed the two together rather unsuccessfully. Why do people keep insisting on doing this to their children? There are thousands of nice, normal names that can be used instead! There are plenty of traditionally unique names without the need to fabricate new and silly ones!

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