I love it, sounds sweet to me.
Another way of using the name - Jo Anne.
For names in language - Hawaiian : Ioanna.
My favorite name at all times. It’s quite lovely, pretty and a timeless classic.
Ugly, yet when you pronounce it, it isn't that bad.
Actually, I changed my mind. Joanne isn't that bad, but I prefer Joanna.
This is such a pretty name! I love Annie as a nickname.
I absolutely love this name. Very sweet, pretty and graceful.
My name's Joanne and I like it. I get complimented on it quite a lot and it really fits my personality. I go by Jo or Joanne and I love both.
Very pretty and sweet sounding.
Unique and not too common to see a few at each class, which is an advantage.
A beautiful girl name with a beautiful meaning and sounding.
Has a soft pronunciation of “J” in French and nice meanings in other languages too. This name reminds me of kind and sexy ladies and cute girls.
Joanne is such a pretty name. I love its pronunciation and written form. It’s an ageless name, and every Joanne that I’ve met, adult, teenager or little girl, regardless of their age, were so sweet and smart. The first baby girl born in Canada in 2020 was named Joanne. This name and its variations have been very popular in the UK and British royal family, Joan of England, Joan lady of Wales. Joanne of Austria.
It’s the top of my list.
I prefer Joanna.
This name is so ugly. It is the ugliest sounding name out there. Jo-Anne. Reminds me of Yo Adrian. It reminds me of an unsophisticated person from the Bronx. It is so unbelievably plain and manly. I do not mean to be mean but admit it, this is not a sophisticated name. And it sounds so masculine "Hey Jo-anne. C'mere." It is just trashy. Who wants Joe in the middle of their name if they aren't a guy? Sorry but this name is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overused I am glad it is out of fashion.
This is the ugliest sounding and written name I have ever heard. It is so MANLY. The JO part of it is just so ugly. And Anne at the end is so plain. I just think this name has no creativity whatsoever involved and it is not musical at all. Jo-anne. Yo Adrian. That is what it reminds me of- the Bronx. Who wants JOE in their name if she is a woman?
Johanna is better.
Well I love the name- I am a Joanne and have nick names of JoJo, JoJo-Booh, and Joeybooh. It's not too country for me.
How is this name not as pretty as Joanna? Oh let me guess, just because it has no a.
Although this name isn't near as pretty as Joanna or Johanna, it's much prettier than plain and dull Joan.
Joanne is such a pretty name, and currently underused. The nickname Jo is cute. Joanne and Joanna are both lovely, and were popular names for my own generation. They actually seem comparatively fresh now.
Joanne Tucker is an actress, known for Gayby, Listen Up Philip and After You Left. She has been married to Adam Driver since June 22, 2013.
This is my name. Many people spell it wrong but there are many variations. Yes, it can get annoying but you correct it and move on with your day. Mine is JoAnne. Two capitals no space or hyphen and an "e" at the end.
The fact that the name isn't used much anymore is fine with me. Too "country"? What does that even mean? It's a name.
There is a song Joanne by Michael Nesmith of the Monkees also.
The name Joanne was given to 95 girls born in the US in 2015.
I generally prefer Joan, as it sounds much more sophisticated in a simpler way. Joanne, however, is a nice name too; very graceful, very sweet sounding.
I think it's really outdated and not too pretty. I much prefer Joanna or Johanna.
The name Joanne was given to 100 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Joanne Whalley (born August 25, 1961) is a British actress. She plays Vannozza dei Cattanei (Lucrezia Borgia's mother) on The Borgias. She also used to be married to Val Kilmer.
Everyone says this name is too country and I strongly disagree. I am the anti-country.
I have an aunt named Joanne but she's often called Jo. I'm not a big fan, but the nickname Jo suits her well.
This is my mom's name and people always spell it Jo Ann or Joann or even Joan which is pretty annoying.
This name is pretty, but despite the Jo Rowling connection, I still see this as a bit of a "country name"
Joanne isn't nearly as pretty as Joanna, which itself isn't even as pretty as the stunning Johanna.
One of the two middle names of Lady GaGa (Stefani Joanne Angela Germanotta.
It sounds a bit old-fashioned, and also a bit country. It also reminds me of a very arrogant former MTV host.
Joanne B. Sguelia is a forensic scientist who is included in the book In Their Shoes by Deborah Reber.
Joanne is a very pretty name. I have only known one girl named Joanne.
Joanne was used the most between 1930 and 1950.
Another version is Joannie. The girl I know named this is French so the J is softer then English pronunciation and just rolls off tongue.
It does sound beautiful with a soft J. I think I'd tell people to pronounce it like that if it was my name.
Joanne Jefferson is a character in "Rent".
Actress Joanne Woodward (Mrs. Paul Newman) is a famous bearer. She won the Oscar as Best Actress in 1957 for 'The Three Faces of Eve'.
A famous person with the name Joanne is JK Rowling, aka Joanne Kathleen Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series.
Joanne Rowling does not actually have a middle name, but she added the name Kathleen as that was her grandmothers name.

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