This name was also used among the English Romani community in the 1800s: -- Job Loveridge
Also used in the Spanish Bible:
I'm not massively keen on it. It is pronounced "Jobe" but I could bet you any money that anyone called Job has been called "Job" (As in Job interview) at some point in their life.
Also Afrikaans:
You want a Job, Job?
I would pronounce it as /dʒɒb/, even though it's wrong. It just seems better to pronounce it as /dʒɒb/ if it's spelt as "Job". If "Job" was spelt as "Jobe" then I would pronounce it as such.
Everyone would just pronounce this like the place you go to work everyday. What a drudge of a name. Jesus. Jobe is better.
All other issues set aside, Biblical or not, I couldn't understand why someone would name their child this simply because of the meaning alone. Seriously, who would name their child something that means hated?
I know it's a Biblical name with a different pronunciation, but it still makes me laugh.
Kid may get teased, as it is spelled the same way as the word job.
Real life Job here. While I love my name, all you people making Job-Job jokes are super unoriginal. I will note it makes a solid nickname when made into a portmanteau with Obi-Wan Kenobi.
I love this name for a boy! Personally, if I named him Job I would only do so because when he bears the name Job, I will be about to experience these puns like “get a Job, Job” or “Job is a Job”, but I’m not trying to offend the boy, it’s not like I would name him Gaylord. I think this name leading to jokes is interesting in a not-so-awful way because we all get teased about our names. He would be able to have a spam account on Instagram like “@get_a_Job!” which I think is cool! I don’t think this name is trashy at all! I like it:)!
Friends, I take this opportunity to comment on my name itself, "Joby"-which my name was taken from the book of Job. To be honest with you all I see all the things that happened in the phase of Job, has happened or are still happening to me.
Job's instrument, which we read in the bible is a harp, which is a string instrument and I play a string instrument too, a Guitar.
And my life- I am really tested in life and I feel like I am losing my hope in life. I see the same traits which I see for Job in the bible, are there in me or in my life. I have gone through the worst scenarios in life. I am being hated or persecuted by my friends, family and everyone around me.
Never ever will I name anyone Job, Joby or whatever other names related to the book of Job from the bible in my life.
I want to like this name, but it is sort and very religious. Maybe as a middle name it wouldn't be so bad.
"Get a Job, Job".
Jó is a portuguese variant, and Giobbe is italian. [noted -ed]
I chose to name my son Job. He was an unfortunate character in the bible yes, but his response to his loss is what I wanted my son to remember when he heard his name. In all his loss he still praised God. I wanted my son to know that no matter the suffering here on earth, rewards for faithfulness await us. Yes, his name is mispronounced always. Daily even. I asked my son if it bothers him and if it did he could always go by his middle name. His response was "I don't want to. I love my name. When I correct people it's an opportunity to open the discussion on Job and other parts of the bible".
I respect the name Job as it's a religious name. I don't think it makes a very practical forename in English speaking countries though since this name is spelled just like the word 'Job'. This name could lead to teasing. I think Job is best as a middle name in my opinion. :)
The Turkish form of this name is Eyüp. [noted -ed]
In the novel Treasure Island, a mutineer is named Job Anderson.
The name Job was given to 64 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
The English name came as many from a mistake. The Bible was first printed in Germany. When it was translated into English the name remained in the german form. So Job Should have been translated Iob since J is pronounced as I in german.
Ps: usually the simplest solution is the correct one;
Job was tested by god, and when he passed the test god granted him more than he had had before. It's a name that to me means overcoming adversity. The only time I've ever heard people mispronounce Job was small children that weren't familiar with the book in the bible.
The "Song of Job" by the band Seatrain is a great song, and I learned of the story of Job from it. I'm not even religious but the song is just lovely, you must listen! :D
Job Berckheyde (1630-1693) was a Dutch painter.
That Job offered his two adolescent daughters to the hostile mob at Sodom in the place of the two angels (whom he'd just met) makes me loathe this name. Some father *he* was, offering his girls to be raped and traumatized!
Wrong, Job did not offer his two daughters to a mob in Sodom & Gomorrah, that was Lot. You guys should make sure you have your facts straight before you post stuff because it just makes you look foolish!
To a religious person, a name that is a reflection of their faith would not be considered a negative thing. I would have thought that was "ridiculously obvious", but apparently not.Though, however good the book might be, I confess that I find the name unattractive. It simply doesn't sound very nice and its meaning isn't particularly desirable either. Not to mention it would be annoying to have in an English-speaking country seeing how it's spelled like the word for someone's professional occupation and almost no one would pronounce it properly.
"Gob" Bluth (pronounced like the name "Job") is a character on the television series Arrested Development, this nickname reflects his initials GOB.
Why exactly would any sane person name their son after an unfortunate character in the Bible? Even the meaning of the name is depressing, and the name is spelled like the English word 'job'. I bet many kids in school would write 'hand' or 'blow' in front of it. This name would be a ridiculously obvious statement of being very, very religious indeed.
Pronounced jo-b.
Job is the young boy in Children of the Corn who helps 'the outlanders' Bert and Vicky.
Good Job. Get a Job. I wouldn't want to name a person Job. He'll probably get teased.
Job is one of my favorite books in the Bible. Especially Chapters 38-41, when God speaks to Job. It's a hard read and can be really depressing, but it's quite insightful. (Of course, I'd never name my kid Job, however much I like the book)
Its Arabic version Ayub sounds much better and is popular among the Durzi population.
This name was used for past generations in my family and my father informed me that it was pronounced like: Jobe.
Job was not mistreated by God, rather God was confident that Job would not turn on Him, no matter the circumstances. As a result, when Satan asked to hurt Job, God allowed it, but didn't cause it.
Pronounced not JOB but JO-b.
Many people don't seem to understand that o in the pronunciation key is pronounced Oh making JOB pronounced Johb.

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