Extremely cute name that has good associations about this name, I like it :D.
I like even Joanna. It's so pretty, nice and kind :D.
Personally, I LOVE it, but only when it's pronounced as "Joe-hanna". I don't like the "Yo-hanna" way at all. It irks me a lot. Will probably not use it for my child because an IMMENSE number of people say it like the latter.
Joe-Hahn-a is the BEST pronunciation!
So happy this made it to the top ten somewhere (Austria)!
Bob Dylan's Visions of Johanna is a beautiful song.
Johanna Söderberg is the bassist for the Swedish band First Aid Kit.
I'm an English speaker who instinctively pronounced Johanna as jo-AN-uh (same way as Joanna); and honestly, I think this spelling is prettier than Joanna. *However*, I know if I used it in real life I would run into serious pronunciation difficulties because a lot of English speakers (particularly here in the U.S.) want to pronounce this like it's "Jo" and "Hannah" smashed together, and that would bug me. For this reason, Joanna is more practical.
This is the name of Benjamin Barker's (Sweeny Todd) daughter in the musical and movie Sweeny Todd: the demon barber of Fleet Street. There is a beautiful song about her as well, titled Johanna.
I like this name a lot because my relative is named that.
Pronounced: yo-HAW-naw (Hungarian), yo-HAN-ə (English), yo-HAHN-ə (English), yo-HAN-na (Classical Latin)Latinate form of Ioanna (see JOANNA) used in several languages.
Johanna Mason is from the Hunger Games.
Johannah Faith Duggar is the daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle of “19 kids and counting”.
Pronounced in English as either yo-HAN-ə, yo-HAHN-ə, or jo-AN-ə, and not jo-HAN-ə. Pay attention to the first letter, all Js do not always have the J sound as most Europeans use the Y sound instead.
As I cannot find where to add a name day, I'll post the information here. My name day is celebrated on 30 May as my parents chose Jeanne d'Arc as my patron Saint.
Feminine form of Johan. I know of someone saying that she wants to name her daughter Johan. She would never use Johana because to her, Johan sounds feminine enough, and sticking a -na at the end just makes Johan sound ugly and superfluous, too feminine (because she hates girly names even though she wants her daughter to be girly), and kinda forced. She told me she loves Johan for a girl and dislikes it for a boy, but she despises Johana at all. I think Johan sounds just as feminine as Johana. Because the prefix of Johan makes it sound like “Jo-hann” not “Joh-in”, so technically the masculine form sounds a little feminine and Johanna is completely feminine. I love Johan as a boy’s name and a girl’s name, but I only love Johana as a girl’s name. Johana is a lovely name to give to your daughter, but if you were going to name your daughter Johan, then I assume you would want to give her a feminine middle name that’s more feminine than her friend’s middle name, as her friend’s first name is Johana.
It's okay. Not really a fan though.
In 2018, 26 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Johanna who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 973rd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Princess Johanna Marina Eleonore of Hesse and by Rhine was the daughter of Georg Donatus, Hereditary Grand Duke of Hesse, and Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark.
Hungarian pronunciation: YO-hawn-naw.
Johanna Means "God Is Gracious" Or "Gift Of God" in Hebrew. P.s. Who cares if it relates to servants and rebels, This Name is honest, caring and true to it's word (And the person with that name of course!)
This name reminds me of Johanna Mason from the Hunger Games series. I can't decide whether I prefer this name or Joanna, both are very pretty names.
Johanna Mason was a tribute in Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.
My name is Johanna, and I have always loved my name because of its classic beauty and uniqueness. Everyone continues to mispronounce the name, but it is worth having. Here in the U.S., my family and I pronounce it Joe-Hannah, like the two names combined. It was originally intended to be used with a soft j, but the pronunciation didn't work out here. My favorite usages of Johanna are in Bob Dylan's song Visions of Johanna, and of course Joan of Arc. A less well-known usage of the name would be in the Vampire Weekend song A-Punk, in which the first lyrics are "Johanna drove slowly into the city".
Johanna Ferrour was the leader of a group of rebels from Kent during the Peasants' Revolt of 1381. She ordered the beheading of the Lord High Treasurer, Sir Robert Hales. She also burned down the Savoy Palace and stole a duke's chest of gold.
I love both the German and the anglicized pronunciations of the name. Yo-HAH-nah sounds cute and mature at the same time, and different. Joe-HAN-nuh I like just because I adore the name Hannah.
The Duggar family has a daughter named Johannah Faith (pronounced joe-HANNAH)
Cool name, I pronounce it joe-Hannah, which is the only way I've ever heard it pronounced. Makes a good middle name.
Johanna Braddy (born 1987 in Atlanta, Georgia) is an American actress.
Maria Johanna (1860-1861) was the daughter of King George of Saxony and his wife Maria Ana of Portugal.
Maria Johanna (1798-1799) was the daughter of King Anthony of Saxony and his wife Maria Theresia, granddaughter of famous Maria Theresia.
Johanna (1535-1573) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and his wife Isabel of Portugal.
Johanna of Austria (1547-1578), youngest daughter of Ferdinand I (Holy Roman Emperor).
It is an absolutely beautiful name! If I ever have a daughter I am definitely considering this for her name.
I absolutely love this name! Only thing is that I like it pronounced "Yo-HAH-nah". It's also the name of Sweeny Todd's daughter, and the name of a song from it... "Johanna... Johanna..."
I think it's fun to read what you write about the name. Because for me it's just a common name. I know a lot of Johannas. Especially in my age. It's a pretty name, but a little too common here.
I like this name, with the pronunciation yo-HAHN-nah, not just Joe+Hannah. Although, it is probably impossible to find it said that way in America.
Gorgeous, just like Jayne Wisener, who portrayed Johanna is the movie adaptation of Sweeney Todd.
I usually pronounce it jo-HANA, like the names "Jo" and "Hannah" combined. Pronouncing it Joanna is just as good.
It is much prettier than Joanna, the more American-sounding counterpart.
Johanna Mason is the name of the tribute and victor of District 7 in The Hunger Games.
I'm Johanna, and I pronounce my name without the H. My parents chose the name for it's meaning "Gift of God" after trying to conceive for so many years. I also go by Jo, and was Jojo when I was little. I love my name. I love that people have heard it before, but it's still uncommon, and I think it's both strong and feminine. People do butcher the pronunciation all the time, but it's worth it to have a name that I don't have to share!
I adore this name, it's gorgeous. It will age well, can have the lovely nickname "Hanna", and is just an all-round winner.(JO-hanna) is clearly an Americanised pronunciation. I'm English and personally despise changing the spellings and pronunciations of well established names, just to suit your taste. It's (yo-HAHN-nah), (yo-HAH-nah) or (yo-HUN-ah). Nothing else.
This is the name of beautiful plus sized model Johanna Dray.
My name is Johanna. If you are American and you are thinking about naming your baby this, let me warn you. People are going to butcher the pronunciation. Always. I get called Joanne, Joanna, Jessica, Joan. No kidding. It doesn't matter if it is pronounced exactly as it is spelled. But people will get it right after 2 or 3 times.Otherwise, I like it. It is different, but not unheard of, and goes good with a one syllable middle name. :)
Archduchess Maria Johanna of Austria (1750-1762), daughter of Maria Theresa of Austria and older sister of Marie Antoinette of France.
I know two Johannas (pronounced yo-Hun-nuh), and they're both nicknamed Jojo (Yo-yo).
This is the name of Sweeney Todd's daughter, and Judge Turpin's ward in Stephen Soundheim's Sweeney Todd.
It's a beautiful German name, makes me think of a strong, young and beautiful Bavarian girl.
Can also be pronounced jo-HA-nuh in English. I know a girl with this name.
Architect Jan Kaplický and Eliška Fuchsová have a daughter Johanna Kaplická, born 14th January 2009, Prague.
Very pretty name, but I'm afraid it will only be butchered into, "Yo, Hannah!" I'd spell this Johana to avoid mispronunciation - not to say that she wouldn't get a lot of "Joanna" .
I'm a Johanna and in Australia it's usually pronounced "JOE-ANNA" with the 'H' silent. However I usually just shorten it to Jo. The 'H' confuses people a little. It's a name you grow into. I used to hate it when I was young because it was so formal and a bit strange. However now I relish that it's slightly odd! Suits me better.Another reason why I no longer dislike it is because 'Johanna' means (roughly) 'gift from/of God'. To call a child a gift from the heavens, well, it makes me feel so humbled to know how much my parents wanted me and continue love me.
I use the name Johanna Rose for a character in one of my stories because I think it rolls of the tongue beautifully.
I've seen this name used in the US and Britain pronounced the same as "Joanna", with the H silenced.
This beautiful name always makes me think of the beautiful song/character in the musical Sweeney Todd.
"Visions of Johanna" is a famous Bob Dylan song. There are many theories about who 'Johanna' actually is. Some popular theories are that the song is about a) Joan Baez, b) Joan of Arc, or c) Johanna Gezina Van Gogh, Vincent Van Gogh's sister-in-law who was largely responsible for his fame, and who Dylan supposedly admires.
There's Johanna Spyri who wrote the book Heidi and Catherine II's mother.
My best friend's name is Johanna Ruth, and she is called Josie. She is named after both her grandmothers and adores her name, as do I. When I first met her, I called her "Yo-hannah". She quickly corrected me and told me that she pronounced it "Johanna". Josie has been called "Yo-han" (Johann) in the doctor's office before and other places. She hates that. Johanna is an elegant name for a woman and cute name for a little girl if you had a nickname for it as well.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Johanna here:
I think this is better as a middle name. I like it best with Avery, Avery Johanna.
Johanna von Trapp (born 1919) was the fourth daughter in the famous von Trapp family, whose story was immortalised in the musical "The Sound of Music". She is represented in the movie by the character Marta.
I think it's too popular name in Finland. It's my sister's name.
Johanna Karoline von Trapp one of the original Trapp family singers founded in 1936.
I am a Johanna myself and I can assure you that it is pronounced yo-HUN-nah in Germany.
Dutch pronunciation is yow-HAH-nah.
In Finland the name is not pronounced "Joe" + "Hannah" but "Yo" + "Hun" + "na" with the accent on the first and third syllables. The J is pronounced like a Y, as in a username such as "Hejko" being pronounced "Heyko" and not "Hedgeko."
Johanna Maria Lind, better known as Jenny Lind, was a Swedish-born singer, often called as the Swedish Nightingale.
Just take the male name "Joe" and then the female name "Hannah" and put them together, that's how you pronounce "Johanna".
It is pronounced as Yooh-HUNN-ah, at least in German, Dutch, Swedish and Finnish.
Marie Antionette's real name was Maria Antonia Joesepha Johanna
In Sweden, it's spelled Johannah.
It isn't spelled Johannah in Sweden, but Johanna.

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