And of course, you have Johnnie Cochran, the lawyer who acquitted OJ Simpson in 1995.
Much better than Johnny.
Johnnie was the name of my maternal grandmother. She was named after her father, who was known as Johnny. I like the name a lot for this reason. May her memory be a blessing (1946-1993).
My first name is Johnnie and my middle name is Rose. Having this name does have challenges but I would not consider changing it. My dad's name is John and my mom's name is Rosamond. It does lend itself to a masculine identity, but most people from the south understand that the IE indicates female whereas the Y indicates male. I have always had to repeat my name numerous times and eventually spell it for people.
The name Johnnie was given to 31 girls and 106 boys born in the US in 2015.
Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with the name Johnnie. I really love unique names that are hardly heard. Your name is very pretty and we are still for certain this will be our little one's name given everything goes well. I am only a little over 8 weeks, so still pretty early.
I am a female named Johnnie. I was the namesake of my parents' best friends from childhood ,John and Linda. Changed to 'ie' to make it more feminine vs the "y" My middle name is Lin. My father came up with it. (I would have been Zac, with no middle name had I been a boy).
People say my name fits me, they think it's darling and typically love it and say it's cool. I am asked if I was supposed to be a boy, or if I was named after the likes of Johnny Carson, Cash, Depp, etc... I am sometimes asked if it's short for anything, or I'm asked if it's my "real name" which makes me laugh.
I am usually mistaken for a male in emails/phone calls of people who don't know me, or telemarketers. I was never teased as a child for my name.
If anything, I was remembered by people by my name easier because it was unique for a girl but not a crazy weird off the wall name.
My only frustration would be the misspelling of my name, but I'm sure that happens with all other names too.
I say do it! There are not that many who spell it the same or its truly the legal birth name.
I am currently pregnant and my husband and I have agreed with our last pregnancy that if we had another child we would name the baby after my father, who is deceased, "Johnny". Despite the dislike and negative comments we will name our girl Johnnie Rose or our boy Johnny Ray. His father's name was Raymond and my middle name is Rose, so that is how we came up with the middle names. I love it and can't wait to sign either of these names on this little one's birth certificate. So for anyone else that wants to carry on a name like Johnny/Johnnie, don't let the opinions of others discourage you because I love my Dad, grandpa and great grandpa enough to carry on this name! :)
Johnnie Walker is a brand of scotch whiskey.
I've only seen this spelling once - on a girl named Johnnie Mae. For guys, I've only seen the spelling Johnny.
The name Johnnie was given to 107 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
This is a good nickname for John, and funnily enough, I don't think it's all that bad as a female name.
This is a terrible name for females. It even sounds over-the-top masculine on tomboyish girls who pass off as boys very easily. It's as if the parents had really desperately wanted a son if they have a daughter named Johnnie. Even as a nickname, this is a terrible one for anyone female. Besides, the name is pretty immature. Johnny Cash and Johnny Depp have gotten away with their boyish nicknames, but that's because they're in showbiz. Not many guys are that lucky in life, so I'd say you should pick a mature name.
Not for a girl unless it's a nickname for Janelle or something similar. And not as a boy's full name. He WILL grow up. Why would you do that to the 50 year-old he'll become someday? Not fair, nor far-sighted. Plan for his dotage and give him a name that will grow with him, like John, Jonathon, Johnson, Jonas or Jonah.
How can Johnnie be a feminine name?
My grandmother's name is Johnnie Lou. Her mother desperately wanted a son and so named her daughter a boy's name. She was repeatedly sent to boys' camps, classes, etc. because of her name. I don't like it at all.
Johnnie is the name of Gilbert Morris' wife. Gilbert Morris is a Christian author. He and his daughter Lynn Morris have written quite a few books together, as well.

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