Jonas Kærlev, developer of the game A Hat in Time.
Jonas Erik Altberg (born 1984), also known as Basshunter, is a Swedish singer and DJ.
Jonas Gahr Støre (born 25th August 1960) is a Norwegian politician who is the 36th and current prime minister of Norway.
Jonas Kahnwald is the protagonist of the German TV series "Dark" (2017-2020) played by Louis Hofmann.
I love this name! It sounds cute for a kid and mature for an adult. I like it much better than the overused ‘Jonah’. I would definitely consider using this one day!
Usage: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Dutch, English, Lithuanian, BiblicalScripts: Ιωνας (Ancient Greek)Pronounced: YUW-nas (Swedish), YO-nas (German), JO-nəs (English), YO-nəs (English), YO-nus (Lithuanian)Meaning: Form of JONAH derived from the Greek name Ιωνας (Ionas) and used in several languages, as well as in some English translations of the New Testament. It is also the Lithuanian form of Ioannes (see JOHN).
If only the horrible Jonas Brothers didn't exist I wouldn't have anything against this name. They're getting popular again :(
Surprised no one's mentioned "My Name is Jonas" by Weezer. Great song from a great album. Guess that's why it's my username on this site.
Jonas is a strong, smart and handsome masculine name. Ages very well on males!
Sounds too trendy.
Jonas Kaufmann is a German Opera singer (tenor).
Jonas Jerebko is a Professional Basketball Player from Sweden.
Also used in Modern Greece, variant transcription of Ιωνας.
Jonas is a VERY handsome, cute name for a guy! ^_^ ♥ 10/10. I also strongly recommend the similar related male name Yunus which also sounds handsome. (:
Jonas Savimbi (August 3, 1934 - February 22nd, 2002) was an Angolan Military and Political leader who founded the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA).First waging a war of independence against the Portuguese, he later waged a 26-year long Civil War, with the help of Apartheid South Africa, against the communist People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) government, which in turn was supported by Cuba, After Decolonization. After being fatally wounded in a shoot out with government troops, UNITA ended it's violent war against the MPLA and became a major political party to this day. Most southern Africans see Savimbi as a traitor for collaborating with the Apartheid government of South Africa.
Pronounced "YOO-nahs" in Norwegian.
Jonas Grumby was the Skipper's real name in the classic 60's TV show Gilligan's Island.
"Jonas" is the first title in the Beautiful Dead series by author Eden Maguire.
Despite the Jonas brothers association, I still like this name a lot. The Jonas brothers aren't even famous anymore, so I doubt teasing would be a big problem for a child named Jonas born this year. It's a very masculine and strong name, wayyyy better than the ugly and childish name Jonah.
I don't care for this name. It makes me think of the hideous Jonas Brothers.
Jonas is the Greek form of Jonah which is used in the New Testament.The Hebrew form for Jonah is as follows וֹנָהJonas - or Jonah - was the name of the father of Jesus' disciple, Simon Peter.
Reminds me of the Jonas Brothers- a dreadfully horrible band.
Also used in the Netherlands. [noted -ed]
Most popular name in Norway. Can't help wonder if this is because of our foreign minister, Jonas Gahr Støre.
Jonas is also the Portuguese form of Jonah.
Singer Sidónia Tobiášová has a son Jonas, born 2003.
Jonas is also nickname for Jonat(h)an.
Jonas is also the Czech form.
My friends who just had a baby named their son Jonas. It is also the Greek form of John.
Jonas is also Czech and Slovak form.
Pronounced as "Yaw-NAHS".
Jonas Armstrong plays Robin Hood in the current BBC series :)
Jonas Salk was a famous bearer. He discovered the cure or vaccine rather for polio in 1955.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Jonas here:
Jonas is the name of the main character in Lois Lowry's "The Giver." It's a strong, intelligent, and not-to-common moniker.

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