JORY can also be use as a FEMININE name as a diminutive of MARJORIE, making it UNISEX.
33 girls and 16 boys in the USA were named JORY in 2019.
In the UK, 9 girls were also named JORY in 2018.
This name was used for a female character in the movie Contagion (2011). (I thought at first that it was Georgie, but later realized I'd misheard and then thought it might be short for Jordan.)
Jory Caron, an internet personality who had a web series called Is It A Good Idea to Microwave This? He along with Riley since Season 4, and Jon the guy behind the camera, and all the editing and owns the channel, based in Boston, MA. Had over 300 episodes where they'd nuke various items for science and comedy.
A famous bearer of the name is Jory Sheffield, a character from the Dollanganger series of books by V. C. Andrews.
In Cornwall it is pronounced JAW-ree.
Jory Cassel is a character from George R. R. Martin's novel, A Game of Thrones.
Jory can also be used as a short form of Jordan, in which case it is pronounced JAWR-ee.
In the Dollanganger Family series by V. C. Andrews, this is the name of Catherine's first son. He is named after his father and Catherine's deceased younger brother, Julian and Cory.
Pronounced JOH-ree.
Jory isn't the Cornish form of George, it is a Cornish nickname for George.
I have seen the name used for a girl and spelled Jori and Jorie.

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