Joyce is starting to grow on me! I see it as a more mature, complete form of Joy. When I hear the name I picture an accomplished scientist, lawyer, doctor, etc.
I couldn't imagine this on a boy.
I like Joyce because it reminds me of the word "joy", so I can't help but imagine a smiling and independent girl. It is a very nice name that parents should start to take more into account.
My name is Joyce! I was named after my grandmother who sadly passed away when my mother was a kid. She named me in honor of her mother and I’m very glad that I get to share a name with her!
It's okay, I picture a happy, joyful girl.
Joyce and Royce would be incredible twin names!
Cute, vintage name.
Love it, it makes me think of a tomboyish girl who is not afraid of anything or fierce boy, Joyce is an incredible name for both genders.
I might use it for a FIRST name one day. :)
Sounds like 'joy'. Perfect for a happy girl.
It’s a happy name that makes me feel joy but I don’t care for this name.
Update: I actually love this name now. And I probs do care for it, lol.
I only know two 60+ year old women with the name Joyce. Both quiet introverts. Nothing wrong with that.. I’m just not a fan of the name.
The name Joyce is very cute and I don't think it sounds old-fashioned, but it still manages to age well. It has a happy and friendly vibe to it. I feel it would work on pretty much anyone, but it wouldn't suit a "mean girl" type. I think Joyce ages better than Joy and it doesn't seem as minimalist. I can see a masculine aspect to it and it doesn't sound bad on a boy, but I still prefer it for a girl.
Joyce Cooling is a smooth jazz guitarist, one of the most prominent female guitarists in the smooth jazz world.
My mother's name is Joyce (born 1920). She was small and had wavy blonde hair, and it suited her. She didn't mind if people called her Joycey, but wanted it spelt Joycee, so I used to embroider Joycee on her handkerchiefs.
My grandmother who raised me was a Joyce and that is now my daughter's middle name. Joyce wouldn't be my first choice for a girl's name but it does have sentimental value to me and it is a way I honored my grandmother for all she did for me.
Joyce is also a surname name, and it has some Irish background to it.
I like Joyce better than Joy. And it doesn't sound masculine at all.
I think Joyce will age a bit better than Joy. I like this name.
I really like it. Has a fun tone to it. But I prefer Joy.
So old fashioned. Joy is better. This name is ridiculous on a boy.
Joyce Blythe is the name of Anne and Gilbert's first child. She does not survive and dies in infancy.
Once I met a girl with a very kreatyve variant of this name: Johiz.
Joyce Sachiko Tsunoda is an American college administrator. She is the "first Asian American woman to serve as the chancellor of a multi-campus community college system". Tsunoda was born in Osaka, Japan in 1938. Her father, Yukio Nishimura, was a professional baseball player with the Hanshin Tigers, and her mother, Edith Sueko Higashi, was a Hawaiian Nisei. She has three younger sisters. In addition to serving as chancellor of the University of Hawaii community colleges chancellor, she has been a special adviser on international affairs to the university.
The name Joyce was given to 385 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Joyce are female.
Dr. Joyce Brothers (1927-2013), a television personality and newspaper advice columnist.
Joyce we Witt, actress.
I find this name to be just plain ugly. It sounds too much of an old bag's name to me.
I like it for a boy! Makes me think of James Joyce, author (which is not a bad name itself).
Just makes me think of some poised old woman. Although I think the name Joy is really cute.
I didn't know this was masculine as well as feminine. I think it's pretty for a girl, but not a boy.
Jocasta "Joyce" Culpeper (c. 1408-1531) was the mother of the ill-fated Catherine Howard, King Henry VIII's fifth queen.
Jane Seymour's birth name is Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg.
The founder of Hallmark Cards name is Joyce Hall (man).
Disagree that it died out after the 14th century: there are plenty of examples of it in records all through the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries in England.
It sounds a little old for my tastes, but I love it as a middle name.
A male bearer of this name in fairly recent times was Joyce Gold, who edited the "Naval Chronicle" in England during the early nineteenth century.
It's a wonderful, timeless name for a girl. But I don't see how it became masculine.
Joyce sounds light and happy!
It sounds hopelessly old-fashioned, and I dislike most names ending in 's' or the sound.
What it doesn't say here is that Joyce is also Irish.
In my preference it makes a better surname.
Joyce is the name of the actress, Angelica Joyce Mandy, who plays Gabrielle Delacour in 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.'
Joyce Roche is a famous bearer. She is a nonprofit director and is included in the new book In Their Shoes written by Deborah Reber.
I hate this name for a boy. It's too feminine. Cute middle name for a little girl though.
Nicknames I have seen or heard used for female Joyces are Joy and Joybell(e).
Joyce is beautiful masculine name. :-))
Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918) is a fairly well-known bearer of this name. A poet, journalist, lecturist, literary critic, and editor, he is perhaps best known for his poem "Trees." American actor Val Kilmer is a second cousin.
Joyce Carol Oates is one of my favourite American authors. She is a great and prolific writer.
It is becoming too popular in Hong Kong. I have known 4 Joyces already.
Jesse McCartney's little sister's name is Lea Joyce McCartney.
It is English and it means joyful. It is only meant for girls. A similiar girl's name is Joy.
No, and no you are completely wrong about the origin and original gender.
Joyce Meyer is a bearer of this name.
Connotation for the name Joyce means "merry".
This is my Grandma's name! I like the name Joyce, not as simple as Joy! What a joy!
Joyce Grenfell was a British film and television actress, comedienne, and singer-songwriter.James Joyce was an Irish writer and poet, widely considered to be one of the most influential writers of the 20th century.
Joyce Maynard is a writer who became famous for her relationship with J. D. Salinger.
Joyce is the name of Buffy Summers' (the vampire slayer) mother.
The Gaelic surname Joyce/Seoige comes from the Welsh word, "sais", meaning a Saxon or English person.

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