This is the name of Jozef Tiso (not to confused with Josip Broz Tito), a Priest and Pro Nazi totalitarian politician who governed the Slovak republic during World War 2. He was executed for war crimes and crimes against humanity after World War 2. He was responsible for deporting Slovak Jews to Germany to be murdered in concentration camps, and even was responsible for the murder of many Jews. Adolf Hitler complemented Tiso for deporting Slovak Jews, and he (Tiso) was the first Nazi ally to agree to deport Jews.

By the end of the Holocaust, more then 2/3 of the Jews in Slovakia were murdered. He is admired by some far right ultranationalists and portrayed as an innocent victim of communists. Only ultranationalists, some older people and far right members believe this. This is still the most common name in Slovakia for men, however.
Also Breton: --- mention Jozef as a (secular) variant of Jozeb
Nicknames for Jozef: Jožka, Jožo, Jožin, Joza, Jozífek, Jožan, Zefan.
Slovak pronunciation is "Yaw-ZEF".
Name Day: 19th March.
Dutch pronunciation is YO-zef.

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