Actually I kinda like this name. Usually I don’t like names ending in Anna or Ana but this one is one of my favorites. I think I like the name Julianna Maria best.
Rubyrock  4/2/2021
I prefer Juliette or Julia.
Crystal_Fox  3/4/2021
♥ Gorgeous name ♥.
Shadow and Revenge  2/8/2021
I love Julianna!
Amongus  11/9/2020
I find the name to be a very beautiful alternative the the common Julia. I know a Julianna who goes by Jules. Very beautiful ❤️.
GabriellaConcetta  8/17/2019
Julianna Grace LeBlanc better known as Annie, is a youtuber known for the channel “Bratayley” and her gymnastics and singing.
Claire_Elisabeth  2/18/2019
I think that the name Julianna is a wonderful name! Here are some reasons why. I LOVE the name Julia, but love the name Anna. So in Julianna you can have both of those names in one. And my favorite singer's name is Julianna. Also the name Julianna can have tons of nicknames like; Jules, Juju, Julia, Julie and more! So I think that the name Julianna is wonderful and hope you all agree.
― Anonymous User  12/25/2018
kayisforkeen  10/27/2018
My name is Julianna and I love my name. I shorten it to Jules sometimes but I strongly dislike when people call me Juli-Anna it’s JuliAhna, how my mom named me.
Anyway, If you don’t like this name too bad. Boo to you. Say no to hate. Boo haters.
Jul11es  9/24/2018
Pretty nice name. I like all of the nicknames for it too. (Jewel, Julie, Julia, ann, anna.)
Luvbug86  9/11/2018
No, I don't agree with these foolish commenters, the name Julianna is hideous. I remember one time when I was at Walmart and this girl Juliann was working there and spilled milk all over me, I complained and she punched me. That is why I hate the name Julianna, it sounds so horrific it makes me think of my dad's old crusty mini van. To be honest you should never name your child this, you will be regretting not naming it some other name. BE WARNED THIS NAME IS CURSED, DON'T BE FOOLED. Some parents might think it's cute for a baby but if I ever come in contact with someone named Julianna I will physically projectile vomit all over them and run. BE WARNED AND STAY SAFE!
― Anonymous User  8/8/2018
Woah. Very extreme comment. Sheesh.

Julianna is a very nice name.
― Anonymous User  7/6/2020
Julianna is very pretty, but I prefer it spelled Juliana. Julianna doesn't flow as well and almost looks like a combination name. Anonymous User 8/9/2018, lol stop. No one else has your association, and naming someone Julianna isn't going to ensure them to turn out to be a "big slut".
someone-  6/24/2020
Julianna Margulies is an American actress and producer. After several small television roles, Margulies achieved both critical and commercial success in her role as Carol Hathaway on NBC's long-running medical drama ER, for which she won an Emmy Award. She also voiced Neera in Dinosaur and appeared in the miniseries The Mists of Avalon. In 2009, she took on the lead role of Alicia Florrick in the American legal drama The Good Wife on CBS. Her performance has garnered acclaim: she won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series twice, a Golden Globe, and a Television Critics Association Award.
cutenose  6/27/2017
Such a beautiful name - love Julianna. I prefer Julianna to Juliana, as I would pronounce Juliana with an "arna" sound, at the end. I find the Anna ending prettier. Juliana is also confusing, in that respect, as some people pronounce it as per Julianna. I feel that Julianna is a better spelling, if you want to pronounce it that way. I prefer Julianne and Julianna to Juliet/Juliette. I adore Julia and Julie, which are classic and so attractive.
Paula Puddephatt  5/22/2017
With 86 175 bearers, Julianna is the 13th most common feminine name in Hungary. (01/01/2016).
HerculePoirot  9/2/2016
Hungarian pronunciation: YUW-li-awn-naw.
HerculePoirot  8/23/2016
I've always loved this name! (Pronounced as Jool-e-ann-ah) My favorite nickname for a girl with this name is Annie!❤️ SO CUTE!
mtwright02  7/29/2016
My name is Julianna, but I shorten it to Juli. It's rough because when people see Julianna, they pronounce it JuliAHnna. When I shorten it to Juli, people spell it Julie. I can't win. But I love my name.
julianna_153  4/11/2016
Having a name Juliana is the best they can call you with nicknames or they can make you a nickname. Hi my name is Juliana and my friends call me Juli.
juliana_beldia71104  12/14/2015
My name is Julianna, too. I was actually very pleased that I wasn't the only one on the planet with this name.
― Anonymous User  10/12/2015
Julianna Guill (born 1987 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina) is an American actress.
― Anonymous User  8/8/2012
Julianna Luisa Margulies (born 1966 in Spring Valley, New York) is an American actress.
― Anonymous User  8/8/2012
Julianna Rose Mauriello (born 1991 in Irvington, New York) is an American actress.
― Anonymous User  8/8/2012
My name is Julieanna Rose. I like it because it is unique. You don't hear it all the time. Does it sounds childish to anyone?
Jayrose  1/31/2012
One of my favorite names, but spelled Juliana.
enchy  6/6/2011
Nice name, but I prefer Julia. It's much more simple and elegant.
Chrila96  10/10/2010
This is my name, which I do very much appreciate. I'm Italian, but I know if my name was spelled Giuliana, most people would try to pronounce it "GOO-lee-AHN-a." It's also a bit annoying whenever someone spells it with one "n", but I like my name. I mostly go by "Julie" instead of "Julia" because Julia sounds too girly and that's just not in my personality.
― Anonymous User  8/8/2010
I can't stand this spelling. It looks really tacky. Juliana is an Italian name, so STICK to the ORIGINAL spelling.
Alora  1/3/2010
This is one of the rare combo names that sound nice, and the name is actually very pretty. I won't use it myself, as it isn't all that unusual or uncommon, and it will surely be shortened, which is almost a pity, as it sounds nice in its entirety.
slight night shiver  6/12/2008
I caught this name in a book, and since then I've thought it's the prettiest version of all the names with the roots "Julia" or "Julie."
― Anonymous User  4/10/2008
I LOVE this name. Although, if I was going to call her anything for short, I would call my daughter Julia not Julie, I would save Julie for the Julianne's and Juliann's. Julia is very pretty for Julianna's and Juliana's. But I'm not so very sure I would shorten Julianna or Juliana to Julia or Julie. I might just stick with Julianna and Juliana, they're just so pretty! I think they're almost TOO pretty to be shortened to anything like Julia. But some people do shorten their kid's name. I know 1 Julianna and 1 Julianne. Julianna goes by simply Julianna or sometimes she goes by Julia if she wants something quicker to write down. Julianne goes by Julie, but a lot of people call her Julia. I love all forms of this name, even the pet forms!
Patricia Underwood  3/5/2008
Julianna could be a combination of Julia and Anna.
bibi66  6/19/2007
I LOVE this name! I prefer to pronounce it jool-e-ahn-nah, instead of ann-na. I like ahn-nah better! I think it sounds prettier that way!
― Anonymous User  12/11/2006
I prefer this spelling of the name because I think it looks more "finished," but it's a great name no matter how it's spelled.
Brenna  7/25/2006
A famous bearer of this actress is Julianna Luisa Margulies (born June 8, 1966). She starred as Nurse Carol Hathaway on the medical drama "ER" for 6 years.
AndrewJKD  7/23/2006
This spelling is preferred in my opinion for at least two reasons. Julianna creates a balanced male/female name (due to the "anna") from an otherwise male-derived name (Julius). Even the pronunciation ("Jool-E-Anna") seems uniformly distributed. Conversely, "Juliana" is not as balanced and the "ana" pronunciation ("Oan-na") sounds unduly stuffy.
― Anonymous User  5/23/2006
Very beautiful name, I like this spelling the best.
― Anonymous User  4/30/2006
My name is Julianna and I just love my name! My stepcousin's cousin has a cousin named Julianna too! What's really ironic is that both our middle names are Rose! This name is becoming popular. I'm satisfied with my name.
Julianna_Rose  3/30/2006

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