Junie is so much better than this! This is horrible!
It’s sounds elegant and you rarely hear it anywhere.
Very pretty and unusual. I prefer it to Julia and June.
I love Junia. You never hear it, and it's got a ancient feel. I think Junia needs to be used more.
This is my name and I love it! I just wish people would stop calling me Junior.
I know it's pronounced "JOO-nee-ə" in English and though I'm American, my personal pronunciation is "YOO-nee-ə". Plus, I think June would make a cute nickname. :3.
Really pretty name.

Problem is, a lot of people would think you're saying 'Julia,' and anyone named this would get called Julia a lot. Plus, it's kind of weird. Of course, if someone named this thought it was too weird, they could shorten it to the slightly less weird 'June.'
So much more unique than Julia!
Junia was the first wife of Roman Emperor Caligula.
Musician Zac Hanson and wife Kate named their second child Junia Rosa Ruth.
The New Testament Greek for Junia is as follows:

Also used in Sweden, but it's still unusual.
This is such a beautiful name. :) Much prettier than June.
In English pronounced "JOO-nee-ə", not "JOON-yə".
I think this is one of the prettiest feminine names out there. Also, I think the nickname Junie is cute. I would definitely consider using it for a potential daughter. :)

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