Very interesting meaning and it sounds nice. I wouldn’t use it though.
Feminine usage as seen by Jupiter Iris, daughter of Ashley Tisdale.
Cool name!
Name of the day, 2-25-21.
I love mythological names. This one could be a good middle name, but I named my cat Jupiter. I didn't realize, until I had to speak the name all the time aloud, that it's not a name that rolls from the tongue. It sounds nice, but it's actually awkward to say frequently, and yes, it does make me think of "stupider." More often, I end up calling my cat "Juju." So, when he's bad, he's "bad Juju!"
This name can be found in Sweden and Finland as a male name only rather than being unisex:
Totally cool, but best as a middle name I guess. I think it's unisex.
Jupiter is great for a character, but not on a child. I'd opt for Juno instead.
It’s one of the nicer planet names but it’s not nice as a name, but it’s okay, I’d rate it 4/10.
Jupiter Sharts was one of the soldiers in the civil war film "Glory."
There's more proof that THIS name is UNISEX.
And also BTW, in the UK, it was given to 6 girls in 2016 and recently to 4 girls in 2018.
Jupiter, chief God of the Latins (the ancient Elysians), was an ancestral name and became the chief Latin diety. The Hebrews recorded him as the father of all Europeans, Japheth, who migrated away from Shinar to the "Isles of the Gentiles". The "er" suffix is a masculine indicator, more common in the Germanic tribes than the southern European ones. The names Jupiter and Japheth have etymological equivalency and the Latin name Japetto likely derives it's origin here. Further evidence of the Japheth origin is the placement of Jupiter in the Latin Pantheon. Jupiter is the son of Saturn, who is equivalent with the biblical Noah. Noah was known as Xisuthra in old Akkadian, which bears etymological similarity to Saturn. As Jupiter is the son of Saturn, the flood survivor, so the Hebrews recorded that Noah's eldest son was Japheth, and that he peopled Europe. The Hebrew texts record Japheth having a son Javan (Ivan), who fathered the southern European tribes, with his son Elisha, begetting the Elysians, an Archaic name for Latins.
It sounds cool in theory, but I wouldn't name a real person Jupiter.
I am writing a screenplay and named the heroine Jupiter, not realizing it was masculine. Then I realized I could get away with it if I made her nickname June.
I can't take this name seriously, what's next? Sun?
I would also consider using this as a male name since I think it sounds so strong and handsome.
I just saw a rise in Jupiter as a name for girls in 2017.

Hope these parents don't mistake this name for Juniper
Sailor Jupiter (a.k.a. Lita Kino or Makoto Kino) is a female character from the manga & anime "Sailor Moon".
Using planets as names is a no.
I'd think the name Jupiter, would fit a little girl. Even though, Jupiter was a god and not a goddess. In the future I'd probably name my daughter Jupiter.
This is the name of a town in Palm Beach County, Florida.
Jupiter Jones was the lead investigator in the book series "Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators". Robert Arthur Jr. was the author and I am unclear just how Hitchcock was involved. The books were similar to The Hardy Boys, but in my opinion, better written. As this was my introduction to the name I associate cleverness with the name.
Jupiter Jones is the main character of the 2015 film, 'Jupiter Ascending'. She is played by Mila Kunis.
"Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider..." Yeah. I think most of us remember that little playground rhyme/hand game growing up. I don't know if it's still common among kids today, but just in case, you ought to avoid this name and save your kid some teasing.
Name of the Day: February 25, 2013.
Its Greek equivalent is Zeus.
Planet names do not work well on people. This is second only to Uranus in the amount of teasing someone with the name will get.
Rhymes with "stupider" and it just sounds bad. I don't think anyone's actually going to use this name. Save it for the planet.
What a nice name for a baby/child. Jupiter Marcus flows so well. *JK*
I have an idea for a nickname---Jove, as the god Jupiter was sometimes called. It sounds sort of normal, like Joe or Job or Joel. Zeus, however, I think is far too out there, even more than Jupiter.
Jupiter Hammon (1711-c. 1806) was the first black writer published in the United States.
Come on, what are you going to call your son in public?
Jupiter is a lovely handsome name which I would definitely consider using for a child! My trombone's name is Jasper Jupiter, though my favorite combo is Seamus Jupiter.
I'd rather name my child Jove.
Something I wouldn't name my child. It has a nice ring to it but not for a person though, more like something I'd name a pet.

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