I'm a bit saddened that the family tree has no Finnish relations in it - there's Justus (M) and Justiina (F) after all =)
The roots for the name origins are the very same, the Ancient Rome. Other Finnish variations for the name Justus are Justu, Julle & Jusu.
Justus' name day is on September 2nd (like Sweden), while Justiina / Justina has vanished from both Swedish and Finnish calendars, but back in the beginning of 1900's her nameday was June 16th. [noted -ed]
Usage: German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Late Roman

Pronounced: YUWS-tuws (German), YUYS-tuys (Dutch, Swedish), YOO-stoos (Finnish), YOOS-toos (Classical Latin), JUHS-təs (English)

Meaning: From a Latin name meaning "just". This name was borne by at least eight saints.
This is my little brother's middle name, and I hate it. It goes along with his name, (Corey Justus) but it's spelled stupidly. Me and my older siblings always make fun of its stupid spelling.
We just say "There is no justice there is just us." And that usually works.
The name Justus was given to 232 boys born in the US in 2016.
This is a prime example of a bad name. It looks and sounds so incredibly juvenile. If you must use this name, use the spelling of Justice. That's far better than the "just us" spelling

Justus looks like a modern knockoff version of Justice.
This is my surname. I'm American so we pronounce it just-us, like "it's just us here alone in the woods." The only problem with it is you always have to spell it for people because they think you're saying Justice, no matter how much you emphasize the US.
I love this name, but due to its pronunciation, I can't help but think of the name Eustace, which I find to be disgusting mainly because of its spelling. I suppose it's also because Eustace was the name of the mean old man from Courage the Cowardly Dog.
German pronunciation: YUWS-tuws. [noted -ed]
This name is dumb. It sounds like "just us".
It's not an English name, so there is no reason for it to sound like "just us". It's pronounced "yoose-toose".
I think Justus is a very strong, masculine name. It is my brother's name.
This is a common German name. In Germany they pronounce is Yous-tus.
There is also a Dutch version that is spelled "Juustus". And Short for Justus is also Juust.
My name happens to be Justus and I am named after my Grandfather. Short for our name is Just or Juust (Dutch). I wear my name proudly and with upmost respect for my granpa (Opa (Dutch)).
I love the name Justus. I think it is a name for someone strong, intelligent, and kind. It would be my first pick for a son.
The name 'Justus' appears in the Bible in Acts 1:23, in which it is a surname for an early disciple of Jesus.
Justus as a given name is in frequent use in Finland.
I much prefer this spelling and origin to the similar name, Justice. This name is very masculine sounding to me.

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