I think Kaden is a great name for a boy or a girl.
To both prior messages: sup, "Kaden" reporting in, those who know me as well as me myself pronounce my name as "/keɪdn̩/" or "/keɪɾn̩/", sometimes with the "d" barely loud enough to notice. I can't comment meaningfully on either of the two claims made, as neither of you used the international phonetic alphabet. Not to be a sniveling pedant, but any discussion of how given names "should" be pronounced is worth peanuts if no one uses IPA; it's immensely helpful, especially due to the fact that English has so many dialects, many of which differ in vowel inventory and consonant realizations. (I'll respell it phonetically in General American English for people who have lives and don't research things they'll never need to use: eɪ as in hEY, ɾ as in buTTer or waTer, and the mark under the N means that it makes up a syllable without a vowel.)

Or you could use a pronunciation respelling system, there are generally recognized standards there too. That being said, this is how I'd pronounce my name, written in's PRS: keydin. Probably not as ambiguous as the IPA text would be to someone who knows IPA, but I digress.

If you for some reason are conducting a survey of Kadens: born + living in western half of Pennsylvania, 17 years old, cisgender male, small town.
I'm the only one named Kaden, one or two(?) others are Cadens.
If you stumbled across this brick of text and had fun reading it, I'm glad. Have a good...period of time? Hell if I know lol
I think that Kaden is a great name.
Childish and made-up. It's way too masculine on a girl.
This is the best name ever. If you hate it then you are a dirty fart sniffer. True facts.
In my opinion, this is the only good "aden" name.
Don't name your girl this.
I think Caden is more masculine and Kaden is more feminine. If the name Casey sounds feminine only spelled Kasey, Kacey, or Kacie, it’s not different with Caden spelled Kaden or Kayden. Cameron is also more feminine spelled with a K. I like the C spelling for a boy and the K spelling for a girl, but all variants can go both ways, I think!
Well, my name is Kaden and IT'S AWESOME! No, I'm not a spoiled brat, or stuff like that.

Calm Down People!
I named my son Kaden in the 90's. It's a strong name. This was prior to the name becoming so familiar. If your child loves the name, that's all that matters. Looking up just a name, you can't escape this negativity that is everywhere you look. The meaning of Kaden that I've come across is: Warrior, fighter, battler, friend and companion.
Overused and won't age well.
Kaden is the name of a character from Fire Emblem: Fates.
We just got a shepherd puppy. We like to give our rescue animals unique names but names with meaning. We read that Kaden meant "little warrior". He truly earns his name every day. He's playful, adventurous, and full of energy. He definitely fits his name.
Kaden sounds so cute! VERY handsome name. 10/10~ Simply love it. :)
I'm very disturbed at some of the comments on here. It's one thing to have a strong opinion about a name, but it seems rather rude to say things like the following:
"Ignorant and trashy parents choose this name."
"Another icky white trash name. Bleh."
"This made-up name looks and sounds absolutely awful."

My 11-year-old son is named Kaden. I assure you, no one would ever accuse our family of being ignorant or white trash. Ever. In retrospect, I don't think I'd choose the name again, but it's not because it is "white trash" or "sounds awful." It's simply because of how popular it ended up being (we truly had no idea it would be so trendy, otherwise we would not have chosen the name) and the fact that it's also become a girls' name.

We've run across other boys named Kaden (or Caden, or any of the other spellings) and none of them have had the nickname Kady/Cady. When he was little, we sometimes called my son Kaders, but that nickname quickly dropped off and now everyone calls him Kaden.
A traditional Irish name meaning daughter of Kenda, derived from the name Kenda.
Kaden in Ireland pronounced Kaid - en.
This made-up name looks and sounds absolutely awful. I was never a fan of the whole -aden trend for boys. I cringed when someone on a mailing list I was on, some years back, proudly announced this name for his new baby. He said he and his wife belatedly discovered how common it was, but they still liked it. This name completely lacks class, grace, dignity, maturity, professionalism, and any grounding in etymology. At least other made-up names that don't have old origins are based in sound etymology, not made by sticking a random letter or syllable onto a trendy suffix.
Another icky white trash name. Bleh.
Also, Kaden is a small town in rural France. Naming your child this would be like a French person naming their kid "Chattanooga" or "Willacoochee."
Ignorant and trashy parents choose this name.
Just gross. Doesn't even sound like a name.
This is NOT an Arabic name, and is popular in the U.S. ONLY for its sound. It rhymes with all the other -aden names: Ayden, Kaden, Brayden, Hayden, Tayden, Layden, Fayden, Grayden, Zaiden, Traiden, Bayden, Jaden, Nayden, Rayden, Payden, and so on and so forth.
I hate this name. It sounds like the name of a spoiled brat, and it's one of those dumb -aden names that everyone seems to be obsessed with. They're all trashy and juvenile, so get over it.
This name just screams "Hey I was born in the 2000's". It will not age well.
I named my daughter Kaden in 2007! I really like this name for a girl.
The whole '-aden' is indeed overused, but I seriously love this name. A handsome man with messy, short black hair and green eyes comes to mind when I think of this name. Don't ask why, my imagination's pretty weird.
Kaden, Aiden, Jaden, Braden, Hayden. I think the -aden sound is overused.
Kaden, spelled with the letter "K", comes from the Arabic name Khaden/Khadin. Since Arabic uses a completely different alaphabet than English, this spelling is one of the American variant translations of the original Arabic name. It is important to note, however, that the spelling Caden would be incorrect and would not be considered an Arabic name. The Arabic alphabet does not have a letter C so there are no Arabic names beginning with that letter.

There is a city in Iran named Khaden:
Sometimes this city is spelled as Khadeyn, Khadain, Khâdeyn, Khâden again because of our differing alphabets.
There is one reason why I’m not fond over this name. One nickname for Kaden might be Kady. Kady would be WAY to cutesie for a boy and it's primarily just a girls name! Overall it’s not a bad name. But parents call your son Kaden or Kade. Please don’t ever call him Kady!
I'm a writer and when I create characters I love finding names that aren't too common and when I stumbled upon this name I found that I LOVED it. =) Kaden just has a certain ring to it :]
This name should actually be pronounced KAYD-n.
I first heard this name three years ago, when some people I know gave it to their son. I thought it was a new and rare name, but then I learned that not only are there older people with this name, but Kaden and all the rhyming names have recently exploded in popularity.
Kaden is my 8-year-old brother's name. It suits him perfectly, it's such a cute name! Kaden's middle name is Matthew (has a nice flow doesn't it?) Kaden is a fairly poplaur name where we live. There are 2 other Kadens in his school.
I love the name Kaden for a boy. I would prefer the K spelling over the C because it looks more masculine. I read somewhere that Kaden was Arabic meaning friend or companion.
My 13 year old son is named Kaden, born in 1992. He is artistic, independent and very creative in all aspects of his life.

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