I like the name, Kaila. But maybe it's because my own name is Kaila and I have come to like it. Most of my life I've never liked my name. It's too short and you can only come up with the nickname Kay, Kai, and like, KK. My middle name is longer so it makes my full name sound pretty. My only thing is that people constantly say it like KI-lA, not KAY-LA.
I would pronounce this as Kie-luh.
There was a joke at my old school that on the first day, all the teachers would mispronounce my name Kaila (KY-LAH). Even in my dad's family they gave me a nickname so they wouldn't say it wrong. Now I am called 'Lala" by them. They are practically chopping the last syllable and saying it twice. Makes me feel bad sometimes when they even say Lala wrong.
My name is Kaila. It is pronounced kay-la. I am a teacher and English minor. If anyone knows phonics they would know that when you put two vowels together the first letter typical says it's own long sound. "Two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking... and says its name". So, Kay. Why was I named with an I and not y? My mother didn't want my name shortened to "kay" as a nickname.

I agree different cultures and languages have different character sounds. AI CAN be sounded with a long I sound... such as Tai, Thai. But in English it should have a long vowel A sound.

In this day and age you see all the more names spelled differently just for the sake of being different. I've seen Kaela, Kayluh, Caella, not to mention Caila (as in the Bachelor series).

I would also like to say I've been called Kyla too. And grew up with so many close names that we were always confused.

I am excited though, my whole life my name never seemed to have a meaning. And now I do! It was always too new or different and never in baby name books. I was the only Kaila growing up no matter how it was spelled and I loved It! I now hear that name everywhere and see more and more spelled the same way. Makes me a little less unique.
Kaila is also a Hawaiian name. In Hawaiian it means style and/or unique.
My name is also Kaila and is pronounced like Kayla. Not everyone is going to pronounce it the same way. So yes, it can be pronounced like Kayla.
My name is Kaila and mine is pronounced like Kayla. There is no right or wrong way to pronounce it. I have heard many different meanings of the name.
Don't you think people with the name Kaila would know how to pronounce it? Its pronounced like Ki-La. The first a is silent! It's not Kayla or Kayleigh.
This is pronounced key-lah, like Kayla. The second letter is a tsvey yudn, not a pasekh tsvey yudn.
If it is Yiddish the pronunciation would be kyla, the same if it's Indian.
I've heard Kaila as an Indian (from India, not Native American) surname.
My name is Kaila and all my teachers pronounce it "kyla" instead of "kayla" and it gets really annoying after a while. I don't mind the name. I would have liked a longer name better :] but Kaila is okay.
I prefer this spelling to the usual 'Kayla'. To me, this a nice, refreshing way to spell the extremely popular name many people have come to hate.
The name Kaila is a name of passion and strength. It is pronounced K-I-Laa and should not be pronounced any other way. It is a variation of the name Kayleigh.
My daughter's name is Kaila also. I came up with the name "Kaila" after putting certain letters and sounds together, ones that I like. I have decided after 7 years to see what meanings in different languages I can find. I thought that it was a pretty, not plain, also spritual but strong name to me. One meaning I did find was Kaila means "to shout" in Figian language. It's amazing to find other persons with this name.
My daughter's name is Kaila. It means several things in different languages. In North American Indian it means "wolf". In Hawaiian it means "Style" and a variant is "Peaceful sea". In India it means "bananas", and it also has a Jewish history; it means "Grey-eyed".
UMMMMMMM my name is Kaila and I really wish people would call me the right name because everyone wants to say it like "Kayla". IT'S KY-LAH. For the person who said my name means bananas, no, it means ocean song in Hawaiian. Please get your info right and not off Wikipedia. ANYWAYS, I'm off.

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