Very trendy, and it sounds immature and cutesy in a sickly way. It's also obviously made-up.
I hate every name with Kai. Including Kylie or whatever.
The name Kailyn was given to 353 girls born in the US in 2016.
My name is Kailyn and I love it. My mother named me after one of her patients who was Amish, which I think is neat. I've only ever met one other person with my name and it was that patient. It's honestly a great conversation starter when I have to correct people who want to call me Caitlin. That's ironically my best friend's name. I've had a customer of mine also name their baby Kailyn because they thought it was so unique. Also, some nicknames my friends call me is Kail or Kay. If you name your child Kailyn, rock on. :)
I happen to know a Kailyn and she has met very few other Kailyns in her life. Kailyn is not all that common and people should not be afraid to name their kid this because someone has made their idea seem bad on the internet.
Wow, some strong opinions on this one. =o)
I personally think it's a pretty name. Some parents care about the meanings of names better than others. It may be a part of "this" or "that" name, but it sure is a heck of a lot better than Gwenneth Paltrow's child's name "Apple!"
So it's a mangled non-Gaelic but trying to sound Gaelic name. Who cares? If someone wants to use a name because they think it's pretty or sounds nice, what's wrong with that?
Parents, will you stop throwing this tired name around already?! Cailín (pronounced "KAH-leen"), which is an Irish Gaelic noun and not truly a name to begin with, has been lost, mangled, and mocked with all of these frivolous names like "Kaylyn", "Caelyn", "Kaylin" and parents choosing them for their "unique"ness, later finding that every fourth parent has chosen it for their daughter.

I know Gaelic, and this name is almost blasphemous.

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