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I have lived in Hawaii since I was 5 years old. I named my 4th child Kaimana. It is a beautiful name, maybe you gotta be from Hawaii to appreciate the name, & the meaning of it! I am somewhat insulted by what Wilted said about the name...
Localhaolegirl808  1/15/2019
This name strikes me as surf-bummish. I don't think it's so terrible, but it sounds like a type of fish and seems like someone was trying to be cool.
If I ever get a pet shark, I know what I'm going to use.
Wilted  9/21/2009
"Kaimana" means "as someone who shares a same name with someone" in Finnish (from word "kaima" which means a person who has a same name as you do).
― Anonymous User  6/25/2008
Alternative spelling: Kai-mana.
Soulfood  6/1/2007
Maori: Kai - food
mana - spiritual quality. People who are said to possess mana are revered by their peers for the spirituality that emenates from them. They have "old" souls and possess an air of serenity, insightfulness, intellect, joy, openess and creativity. They inspire trust and maybe looked to as leaders.
Soulfood  6/1/2007

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