This looks so childish and immature.

Caitlin is the best spelling.

If you must use an alternative then Catelyn, Kaitlin or Katelyn looks much less trendy than Kaitlynn.
This is an overly youthful and trendy-looking spelling.
The extra N at the end is unneeded and makes the name look weird.
This is my name. I like it a lot. It is not stupid or childish, it is very fine. A name is a name, and each one has a history behind it. I love the history behind mine. It means beauty and grace and elegance. You are passionate and trustworthy and kind. People depend on you and seek you out. When Kaitlynn is your name, everyone spells it wrong, yes even the computer. But with a name like Kaitlynn everyone knows that they can trust you, and you'll always keep their secrets. With a name like Kaitlynn you can be smart, beautiful, and free. With a name like Kaitlynn I can be anything. The name Kaitlynn is unique and wonderful and perfect. When I grow up I will be called Kaitlynn, and I will love every second of it, because of what the name Kaitlynn really means. So who are you to say that the name Kaitlynn is only for a child at play. A young child who doesn't know much about the world? I love name Kaitlynn, it is part of who I am, the name Kaitlynn is who I am.
This is my stepsister's name. I think it is really stupid and childish.

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