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Usage: English (Modern), Swedish (Modern), Norwegian (Modern), Danish (Modern), German (Modern), Finnish (Modern), Dutch (Modern)

Pronounced: KAY-ləb (English), KA-lehb (Swedish, Norwegian), KA-ləp (German, Dutch), KAH-lehb (Finnish)

Meaning: Form of CALEB used in several languages.
RHAWK3935  7/31/2019
Maybe a Germanic form of Caleb.
RHAWK3935  5/3/2019
I know one Kaleb, and they pronounce it "Kay-lub".
lily_m1102  1/31/2019
Worse than Caleb.
kayisforkeen  10/14/2018
As far as spellings go, this one could be way worse. Still, I will always prefer "Caleb"

Kaleb isn't the worst but Caleb is definitely better in my opinion.
― Anonymous User  8/25/2016
I happen to love the spelling as it is more unique than the common spelling Caleb. I named one of my son's Kaleb.
Mother of Kaleb  2/1/2016
Ugh this spelling is atrocious. Spell it Caleb or don't use the name at all!
ThatMazerunnerfan  9/8/2014
Kaleb, King of Axum/Aksum (died circa 540) was a 6th-century African king reigning in today's Eriteria and Ethiopia. He is the best-documented, and hence best-known, of the Axumite rulers.

King Kaleb is honoured as a saint in Oriental Orthodoxy, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Roman Catholicism under the name Saint Elesbaan, King of Ethiopia. His feast days are May 28 (Ginbot 20; Ethiopian Orthodox), October 24 (Eastern Orthodox), and October 27 (Roman Catholic).
Randee15  7/30/2014
Sorry... But it looks a little too feminine...
SEC908  12/16/2013
I agree. Kaleb sounds masculine and strong and it's actually my #1 in my list except I'll write it differently to make it a little unique. KHALEB
lizbeth23  3/21/2012
I love the name Kaleb! Very masculine and strong without being in your face about it. I prefer it spelt with a k, I'm not sure why, I just do. Definitely one of my top 5 boys names.
haileyrose  12/26/2010
This spelling is even trashier than the real one and will cease to look cute after age five. Please, choose something else!
bananarama  8/19/2009
Kaleb Nation (also known as The Twilight Guy) is a celebrity in the Twilight community. He is a male who reads and comments on each chapter of the saga. His first book called Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse is coming fall 2009.
― Anonymous User  10/11/2008
This is also the Dutch spelling of Caleb.
renee06  5/21/2008
The traditional biblical spelling Caleb is more masculine and strong.
Fionafabulous  12/20/2007
Kaleb is also the Dutch and German form of Caleb. [noted -ed]
Lucille  10/29/2007
In Ethiopia Kaleb is used to refer to the person in the bible known as Cain, brother of Abel. Meaning of Kaleb is "Amharic and Tigrinya of Ethiopia name referring to the biblical Cain."
― Anonymous User  9/5/2007
Kaleb is the Islamic word for Caleb.
― Anonymous User  4/21/2007
Famous Bearer: dancer Kevin Federline has a son named Kaleb with former girlfriend Shar Jackson (the two are also the parents of Kori).
Pheadirean  7/15/2006

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