Oh my goodness, what a beautiful name!
Kalina is also used as a short form of Karolina.
Also meant "viburnum tree" in Russian.
The commenter who pointed out that Kalina is also an aboriginal word/name is quite correct.
As a person named Kalina, I will inform you that it is easier to be mispronounced than you would think, but because it is unique and uncommon, it is easily remembered. There are multiple meanings to this name, one is Sanskrit for "the sun", another is a type of Celtic knot, and yet another is Bulgarian/Hawaiian for flower. In Bulgaria it literally transfers into "Viburnum", which is a bush with white flowers, and in Hawaii, a 'Kalina Flower' is an extremely pretty almost rhododendron/succulent looking mix that is a soft but bright pink fading into yellow. It can also be traced to Polish roots.
I know a little girl named Kalina. We call her "Kalinka" because this means ladybug in Bulgarian. I adore the name because you can go by Kallie or Lina and it sounds so gentle and nice.
Kalina was the name of the first killer whale to be born and survive in captivity. She lived from 1985-2010.
In the Skáldskaparmál part of the Norse mythology script "Edda" the rowan is called "the salvation of Thor" because he once saved himself from drowning in a river by clinging to it.
Also used in Croatia, but rarely.
I love this name. It sounds great... It's uncommon, but simple to pronounce and to see. Perfect.
Such a pretty, flowery name for a girl. It makes me think of Hawaii and beautiful sunsets.
I think this name is beautiful, and it has a nice meaning. I like it better than Rowan as a name.
Kalina is the name of a colt from the Silver Brumby series by Elyne Mitchell. Its name is given as meaning 'the marvellous beauty of frost on snow'.
It is also used in Poland. It means withe rod (viburnum). However, it is also thought that the name can be the feminine version of Călin, which in Greek means "the handsome one".
A word of Slavic origin meaning 'flower'.

An Asutralian aboriginal name that originated with the Wemba Wemba tribe of Northwestern Victoria with the meaning "to love".

A Hawaiian variation of Colleen.

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Alternative meaning: Swedish form of Katherine.
The first time I saw Kalina was on a Playstation 2 game called "Devil May Cry 3". Kalina was a charater's mother. You never see her face, but you hear her name.

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