Also Estonian:
In Estonia, this name both a borrowing of the Swedish and Finnish name and a diminutive of Kalev. [noted -ed]
The name Kalevi is often associated with Kalle as a more gentle, playful, relaxed easy going person.
Kalle is a classical nickname for Karl in Sweden.
Kalle Anka is the Swedish name for Donald Duck.
Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes is called Kalle in Sweden (Hobbes is Hobbe).
As the previous comment says, it's pronounced KAHL-leh. My little boy is named Kalle and many non-Scandinavian people mispronounce it "Kallie". I still love this name though.
One famous Kalle in North America is Estonia-born Kalle Lasn, co-founder of Adbusters Media Foundation.
Pronounced KAHL-leh.
Kalle Blomkvist is the name of the boy detective in several children's books by Astrid Lindgren (of Pippi Longstocking fame). In the English translations he is called Bill Bergson.
Very common pet name in Sweden. Donald Duck is called Kalle Anka.
I know a girl named 'Kalle'. It's pronounced like 'Callie'.

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