KAY-lǝn, KAH-lǝn, KA-lǝn. It's not Kay-lin, it's Kay-lǝn!
While I dislike this name, Kaylin is a slightly better alternative to Kalyn, as it roots out the pronunciation difficulties.
This is my name and it is pronounced Kah-lin. NOT Kay-lin. I disagree with the person that commented first; only one person in my life has gotten my name right the first time. They always call me Kay-lin.
A lot of people might assume this is pronounced CAL-lyn. The name is quite lazily constructed, unimaginative, and very typical these days. It's not exactly the classiest name out there, and this spelling doesn't make it any better, au contraire.
Would you pronounce this like Kaylyn or like KAL-IN? I'm not positively sure!

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