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Kandy Kane.
Crystal_Fox  3/22/2021
Citizen Kane.
noisynora  1/11/2021
Kane Atwood is YouTuber Roman Atwood's son.
FrancescaBennett  11/30/2020
The commenter who mentioned the name Kane is a good name but a shame it's similar to Cain of the Bible, is in my honest opinion, being completely irrational. What's a shame is a lack of good judgment.

In English, Kane is not the same as Cain. They have two different origins. Kane has several roots. It is an Hawaiian, a Celtic and Japanese name that has nothing to do with either the Bible nor one of its characters. Regardless, Cain is ALSO a very good name. The religious fundamentalists incapable of either reason and differentiating might of course not recognise why, and no doubt be those who disagree with this comment.

Not everyone is fundamentalist, nor irrational, nor Christian, so the reference is completely irrelevant to them, as should also be the beautiful name "Christian" to anyone who isn't religious or belongs to any other faith.

Even if Christian, whether Kane or Cain, it's still irrelevant because any name should be judged on relevant criteria, beyond associations with a religious and/or literary character, or any character whosoever.

Every person is their own individual and they alone represent the qualities of their name with their own qualities, regardless who else before or during their lifetime shares their name, nor whether they're considered a favourable or unfavourable bearer of the name. To make such associations is completely irrational.

There are a number of beautiful names of either gender that don't necessarily have the best of meanings, nor were worn by the most favourable of people, including from the Bible. The name Mary for instance, though considered favourable means 'bitter', so one could easily associate this name and meaning with an embittered mother, but if we are rational beings, we do not. We associate it with the qualities we do like, which for me personally is its pronunciation, and maybe even some Marys I'm fond of, despite the ones I've met or know of I'm not.

So if the name Kane OR Cain appeals to you apart from any association, irrational and otherwise, by all means use this beautiful name because in and of themselves, both ARE beautiful. And if you teach your son confidence, individuality, kindness and most importantly, open-mindedness, I'm sure he'll wear and represent his name well, and possibly provoke someone to also appreciate it because of the fact. I don't see anything negative in that.
NameBuff  8/31/2019
First of all, NameBuff, I love you!

Second, I am very religious and I named my son Kane. I thought Jesus taught us not to judge? Kane has a few meanings but my favorite is warrior. However we named our son Kane because my name starts with a K and my husband’s name is Lane. My Kane is one of the sweetest and nicest boys you’ll ever meet.
KV82  1/31/2020
The name Kane means man in Hawaiian and is pronounced KA-neh. [noted -ed] I really like this name and one I'd consider naming a son, especially if he were to have Hawaiian roots. Only thing is that in English I'd prefer it be translated and pronounced Kane with a long 'a' and silent 'e', rhyming with mane. When pronounced this way, it's much more appealing to the anglophone ear.
NameBuff  8/31/2019
Kane Brown is a country singer who featured in Marshmello’s song, “One Thing Right”.
Whippppppppp  7/13/2019
This one always rings as a surname for me, not a first name.
― Anonymous User  9/25/2018
Kane the cane.
kayisforkeen  8/23/2018
Hurley Kane (also known as Tsunami Jousuke) is a character in Inazuma Eleven.
― Anonymous User  10/6/2014
This is my brother's name, and I've found elsewhere that it means "beautiful." Personally, I think it's a great name, and very unique.
― Anonymous User  9/26/2008
It is also the name of a well known Dutch rockband.
Kazuya  8/25/2008
Kane can also be seen as a variant of the Biblical name Cain.
― Anonymous User  8/4/2008
A nice enough name in and of itself, shame that it sounds the same as Cain and therefore suffers from the same connotations.
Solaitaire  5/11/2008
This is a good name for a pet, but I can't imagine it on a child. I'd rather use it for a pet than a child, because I'm afraid that if I name a child this, he will be made fun of. It's a good name, although I like it.
aquaspirit96  10/3/2007
"...that sugar cane
that tasted good
that cinnamon
that's Hollywood."

that's what I think when I hear this name.
VictoriaCalledTori  7/6/2007
Big Daddy Kane was a rapper from the early '90's.
Eilicea  6/21/2007
Makes me think of a candy cane and cocaine.
― Anonymous User  12/28/2006
"Citizen Kane" is a movie that is supposedly based on the life of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. Charles Kane, the title role, was played by Orson Welles.
breakofday  12/21/2005
Name of popular professional wrestler.
sodivine  12/10/2005

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